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The Kitty Treats Cookbook Reviews

Jessie Gray

Yummy treat book for kitties


Pros: easy to make, simple recipes, includes fish cookie cutter

Cons: none

I love this cat treat book!  I got it at a local feed store on a clearance shelf and it was well worth the 4 bucks I paid for it back in 2001.  This cat treats book is a board book, and has many different cat treats, such as "Kit 'n Trim" treats (for overweight cats), "Kitten Littles", "Tuna Balls", etc.  All of the recipes are easy to make and have ingredients that you can find at any grocery store.  That's one big reason I liked the book was because I didn't have to go to several stores to find all the ingredients on the list.  The book also comes with a small fish cookie cutter that is just the right size for making cat treats.  My cats love all the...
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