Well.... it's not dusty, and it's light.

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Swheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter

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Pros: Not dusty. Light in weight. Clean source - non-chemical.

Cons: No odor control. Does not clump well. Didn't last a week with daily scooping.

I spent a fair amount on this litter.  It came highly recommended, and I wanted something that wasn't dusty, and heavy like the old Maxx Cat.


Well, it's light.  It isn't too dusty.  But although it says it's a clumping litter, I did not find this to be entirely accurate.  It clumps a little... but falls apart when you scoop.  We didn't use it for more than 5 days before I tossed the whole thing and used some Purina.  


And my cat was sneezing a lot, several times a day, which stopped when I changed back to the Purina.


I'm annoyed that I spent so much on something I will never use again.  I still have half a bag left.  Argh.  I live in Canada, and a bag here runs $34 Canadian.


I do not recommend this litter.  Too expensive, doesn't clump well, and zero odor control.


That's too bad. I love this stuff. Although I one I get comes in a different bag than what's pictured. For me and the cat fam, the multicat or premium offer better smell control and clumping control. Maybe you could return it?
I put up a bit with the fact that it only clumps in a so-so manner since I'm happy to know it will break down in the waste cycle.  But - I understand your frustration.  (My cat Bonnie seems unphased by it's less-clumpy consistency.)
This is the only litter we use since I wanted one that's flushable. That's too bad it didn't work for you.