Sisal Scratching Post

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The basic idea of this scratcher is nice but it kept tipping over when the cat used it .. If you had a place to anchor it then maybe it would work ..


Pros: sisal rope, cats used it sometimes

Cons: sisal unraveled, not sturdy enough base, falls over

I have three cats. I needed something to deter them from scratching my furniture, so I got this sisal scratching post. My cats didn't take to it right away, but after a while started to scratch it. The problem was it kept falling over because the base was not heavy enough. After a few months, the sisal rope started to unravel. It now serves as a cat "decoration" in my bedroom. It could be great for kittens, so I probably will donate it to a shelter. 

Sisal Scratching Post

The perfect piece if you have limited space in your home. Provides a place to scratch, play and relax. Built very sturdy with the best materials for your cats feline urges. 16" Sisal post with a carpeted top. Sisal Rope Scratching Post 16" of Sisal rope Plush pile carpet Extremely Sturdy

BrandNew Cat Condos
FeatureSisal Rope Scratching Post 16" of Sisal rope Extremely Sturdy Solid Wood Post No Glue or Toxic Material
LabelNew Cat Condos
ManufacturerNew Cat Condos
PublisherNew Cat Condos
StudioNew Cat Condos
TitleSisal Scratching Post - Beige
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Sisal Scratching Post - Green818957012140
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Sisal Scratching Post - Beige818957012102