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PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder

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Pros: Easy way to provide meals when you are not home

Cons: Batteries are impossible to remove, annoying loud constant ticking noise, not cat-proof

The review posted by Marc999 is for the PetSafe 5 compartment feeder, not the 2 compartment one as shown for this product review.


I used the 2 compartment feeder for a previous cat. It was a good way to provide 2 meals for my cat while I was at work. However my cat was able to pry off the lids to get to the food inside. The manual timer can only be set in approximate 2 hour increments and makes a loud annoying constant ticking noise. The only way to stop the ticking noise is to remove the batteries which are impossible to remove without severely pinching your fingers or the use of a blunt knife. I eventually bought the 5 compartment feeder which works so much better: quiet, digital timer that can be programmed to any time, cat-proof.


Pros: Battery operated, simple instructions, 5 meal slots, cat proof thus far.

Cons: Plastic trays, need more ice pack space

I'd highly recommend this product for anyone that is not going to be home for breakfast or dinner meal times.  


It has 5 slots and each can hold 1 cup. One slot is already open, 4 remaining closed.  Runs on 2 - D cell batteries

Max. 9 programmable times (not sure why, since there's only 4 closed slots, unless you like altering time of day meals)

You can also 'suspend' the feeding schedule,which just puts the timed feedings on hold, until you want to re-activate them again.  This would be useful for conserving battery drain on the motor, when it rotates at the set feeding time.

It's pretty straight forward to program. 


I'm not sure if there's a low battery warning.  Yet I have a pulse load battery tester that I periodically check batteries.  


This is precisely what I was looking for.  

If the power goes out - your device would reset, thus losing all your programmed times.  I don't want that happening, which is why I was looking for a battery operated one. 


Note: The picture provided is the 2 slot feeder; the 5 slot feeder looks like this:

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PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder

With the PetSafe 5-meal electronic pet feeder you never have to worry about your dog or cat running out of food or overeating. It automatically feeds your pets up to 5 times a day. The electronic timer allows you to set the times each new meal is presented in one hour increments.

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