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Petmate Pet Porter Kennel

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Pros: big, sturdy, durable, spacious, secure with screws not plastic handles

Cons: heavy, cracks easily, small vents, dirties easily

My family uses this Petmate Pet Porter Kennel but in tan. We bought it in 2007 and still use it. Over the years, my parents have used this carrier for their cats. They like this one and don't care to get a new one because it is durable enough. When I used it, the size was a little daunting because I am only 5'1. Without the cat inside, the carrier is heavy itself. With the cat inside... well, I had to grab on with two hands to carry this around. The carrier is held together by screws, which are very secure. I do think it's a little ugly, compared to other nice carriers on the market today.


It has cracks but nothing that compromises the strength. My biggest cat who is 18 lbs can fit inside without being cramped. Also when I fostered kittens 6 years ago, they all fit inside when I had to get their first shots and checkup, so it's strong. Inside is just a plastic bottom, with nothing soft like other carriers. I just put a towel inside so it's not a big deal. It doesn't have any pockets for treats or extra supplies you need to bring to the vet. I found that my cats and my parents cats did whine more in the car, maybe because they couldn't see very well out of the vents. The vents on the side are small and thin. They also are no vents on the back, which I found odd. It was easy to shove the cat inside, because the door space is bigger than most plastic carriers.

Overall, it does what it's suppose to and has lasted all these years. It's pretty plain and simple. If you're looking for a dependable carrier that will last for years but don't care about the look, get this one!

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Petmate Pet Porter Kennel

The Petmate Small Pet Porter combines value with preferred features, such as heavy duty plastic shells, wire doors, and plastic wing-nuts that won't corrode. Meets airline requirements. You'll be glad knowing your pet is traveling in comfort and safety. Perfect for small breeds like Welsh Corgis, Minature Pinschers, Schipperkes and Cats.

FeatureMeets airline requirements
Height12.5 inches
Length21 inches
Width16 inches
List Price$49.99
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPet Products
TitlePetmate Pet Porter Kennel, Small, Dark Gray
ColorDark Gray
Release Date2006-07-21
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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