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Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

75% Positive Reviews
Rated #7 in Fountains


Pros: Has a reservoir

Cons: When low on water, can be noisy; Must use a filter to prevent calcium deposits on the plastic

I've had a white Petmate for a number of years; maybe 8 years.  I don't have any real issues with this fountain. It works well. The reservoir allows for additional water to help keep the bowl full. 


I don't find it difficult to clean at all. I use a soap and water, a sponge and a small bottle brush. Takes a total of less than 5 minutes.


Unfortunately when the water gets low, the pump starts to make a sucking sound which lets you know that you need to put more water in.  Which is good I guess, it prevents the pump  from running dry and burning out.


I also notice that cat hair gets trapped at the back of the pump, which also causes the pump to make that noise. 

Over all it's a pretty good pump.  I've just switched to a Pioneer Stainless Steel Fountain at the recommendation of my Vet because my male cat has allergies and she thinks the plastic might be contributing to them.  Had it not been for that, I would still be using the Petmate.


Pros: Provides moving water which my cats prefer

Cons: Disassembling the pump unit is a hassle

Overall this is a pretty efficient little unit.  It does require weekly cleaning to keep it running freely.  This includes disassembling the pump.  This chore is a hassle but not difficult.  I do NOT use the manufacturer's replacement filters, as they are ridiculously expensive ($10 for a pack of 3 at PetCo).  Instead I use ordinary dish scrubbing pads you can buy at the dollar store.  They come 8 in a pack and each one can be cut to size to make 2 filters!  16 filters for a dollar!  Now, that's what I call a bargain!  And they work just fine.


I don't really have any major complaints about this little fountain.  My cats love it!


Pros: Holds a good amount of water

Cons: Leaks

Hard to put back together after washing and so the back leaks. Had several of these and each one had the issue. There are better fountains


Pros: Easy to use, easy to find filters, usually quiet

Cons: Hard to clean, Pump clogs, gurgles if low

I have had 2 of these so far, one blue, one black.  They work all right.  The water reservoir is easy to fill, and with my 3 cats needed to be filled daily or every other day.  The cats seemed to like the way that they could drink from the slide or from the bowl itself.  It is quiet for the most part, especially for the first bit that you own it.  Even with routine cleanings and replacing the filter regularly, I found that with time the pump looses it's will to pump and frequently makes a sucking/gurgling sound.  Taking the pump apart can be challenging the first few times, but that is true with any other fountain as well.  There are some nooks and crannies that I feel do not get as clean as they should, just because of the shape of the fountain.  

Overall it is better than some fountains I've used, but not the best I've used either.  They are inexpensive, so replacing them every year or two becomes less of an issue.

Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

Pets love fresh flowing water! Ultra-quiet purifying pet fountain for multiple cat households or small dogs, provides naturally cool and oxygenated water. Features include a replaceable filter and a reservoir that adds water automatically.

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