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Petlinks System Twinkle Chute Cat Tunnel

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Pros: Great cat/human interaction, fun crinkle noise, lights up, fun "lookout hole" on top! , sturdy frame.

Cons: None at all for us!

This is a great toy for us.  I play a lot of games with Speedy using this toy.  She loves when I dangle a toy through the hole on the top, also you can throw a ball  and she will chase it through the tunnel.  Whenever the cat goes through it, I love the fun crinkle sound and if the kitty goes through with some speed, the tunnel flashes!  Our favorite game is when I lie (or hide) on one side of the tunnel and Speedy is "hiding" on the other, I will slowly slide my hands under the width of the toy to the other side and when she sees my fingers appear, she pounces with such force on the tunnel, it lights up and the crinkle noise is great!  I just have to be prepared because sometimes she pounces with a lot of force!  


I imagine this would be a great toy for cats to play together with.  It is lightweight, but very sturdy frame and the flashing lights are still working!  The toy can be collapsed for easy storage, but mine is always out for play.  I love the crinkle fabric, it is very durable.  I simply vacuum it with a brush attachment from time to time.  


My only regret is that it was not available in the lime green pictured above, I would have loved that.  Ours is navy with burgundy trim, but it is still a wonderful purchase!


Pros: Cats love the tunnel and the crinkle sound, very durable, long-lasting batteries

Cons: None

My sister bought this tunnel for my cats three years ago and it's still their very favorite toy.  They especially like the hole in the top--it allows one cat to run in the end and another cat can jump in the hole at the top and 'ambush' the first unsuspecting cat.  


The crinkle sound seems to encourage them to play more--one cat will run through the tunnel making that newspapery crinkle sound which brings the other cats running to join in the fun.


We have three cats of different sizes and they all use the tunnel differently--the smallest cat takes a run at the tunnel opening and dives head-first into it.  The second cat, who's a bit bigger, likes to jump in through the hole in the top, and our biggest boy who's pretty tall, can't take a running dive at the opening but loves to crawl in one end and stick his head out the hole in the middle.  


The tunnel has been very durable--it's taken close to daily play for three years and has held up fine, and we've never had to change the batteries for the lights.


It is also endless entertainment for the humans, watching all three of them play together, in and out and chasing each other around the tunnel, and the motion activated twinkling lights makes it fun to watch kitties play during the evening.  

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Petlinks System Twinkle Chute Cat Tunnel

A cat's independent streak is a natural instinct related to their need to hunt. Domestic cats have few outlets for the solitary activities they often crave; Twinkle Chute provides your cat with solo play and privacy that can fulfill their needs and enrich their lives. The crackly surface and touch-activated lights of the Twinkle Chute adds to the interactivity and fun and will quickly become one of your cat's favorite toys in the house.

FeatureColors May Vary - Green or Red Crackling tunnel toy that features motion-activated lights. Twinkle Chute for Cat All items are brand new, never worn and never used. We guarantee the authenticity of all items.
TitlePetlinks System Twinkle Chute Cat Tunnel, 33" L X 9.5" W X 9.5" H - Colors May Vary
ColorBlues & Purples
ProductGroupPet Products
UPCList - UPCListElement786306494728
Item Height9.5 inches
Item Length35 inches
Item Weight0.8
Item Width9.5 inches
Package Height1.6 inches
Package Length11.9 inches
Package Weight0.55 pounds
Package Width10.5 inches
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