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Our Pets Store-N-Feed Jr. Universal

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Pros: elevated, easy to clean, metal dishes

Cons: too high for kittens, food goes stale in storage area

I bought this dish set for my cat Daisy, when I noticed that she was having trouble bending over to eat out of a regular cat food bowl.  Since this was the only food and water dish set that was elevated that I could afford at the time, I bought the Our Pets Store 'n Feed Jr. feeder from Amazon.com.  Since it also stored cat food as well, it was worth the price.  Or...... so I thought.

Daisy used the feeder without any problems at all.  But, when I adopted a kitten a year later that I named Angie, that's when the problems started.  Angie literally couldn't get up to the food and water dishes, no matter how much she stretched her small body.  She eventually had to jump up on the feeder, resulting in her falling into the water dish section (a very messy affair).  So, I had to feed the cats separately until Angie got bigger.  A year later, Angie still had to stand on her hind feet just to eat out of the food dish, and still does this, even though she is 6 years old now. 

I also noticed that the cat food storage compartment underneath the food and water dish section really doesn't keep food fresh.  If you don't use the cat food up within a week, it becomes stale and cats won't eat it. Also, if you store even a little bit above the storage line in this compartment, the food/water dish section won't sit flat on the feeder. 

On a positive note, the feeder is very easy to clean and has a part on the water section to attach a water bottle to create a "self-watering bowl".  I also liked that the food and water dishes are made of metal, rather than plastic.  Even after 7 years, the feeder still is in excellent shape.  I recommend only buying this feeder if you have an adult cat already.  Otherwise, it will collect dust in your closet, waiting for your kitten to get big enough to use it easily.

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Our Pets Store-N-Feed Jr. Universal

The Store-N-Feed Jr is the ultimate in modern, healthy dining systems for cats and small dogs.

BrandOur Pets
Height5.25 inches
Length18 inches
Width8.25 inches
LabelOur Pets
List Price$17.99
ManufacturerOur Pets
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPet Products
PublisherOur Pets
StudioOur Pets
TitleOur Pets Store-N-Feed Jr. Universal
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Weight0.05 pounds
Number Of Items1
Release Date2007-04-16
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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