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A Review On: Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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Lily Paddy
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Pros: Good in Theory

Cons: HUGE!

When i rolled it the clips(useless and hard to slide) that hold the whole thing together.. there was always an opening and litter would come out all over the place. and did i mention its HUGE!! in the store both pieces were inside each other.. when u put it together it was way too big! Its a great theory, the application falls short. didn't like handling the whole thing either or rolling it around my floor.. touching the handle of the poop drawer.. no.. 


I had one of those about 15 years ago and it as probably the best thing on the market then. I found the drawer to be too small and it took a lot of space to roll it. I thought at the time it should be mounted on some kind of track and a handle that one should crank so it would roll in place which I think was also done. But by then I had discovered the Litter Robot and have been stuck on that since then. However, it is expensive and the Omega Paw is much more affordable. But it is a bit messy, always had to sweep after rolling it.
Littermaid box automatic -100.00 problem solved and not to big. 
I have one too and it will be the next box that I replace. I liked it OK at first but I noticed that I was losing a lot of clean litter in the rolling process. It would end up in the tray and getting dumped. I was using World's Best litter at the time which I no longer use- that may have been the reason, I don't know. I use this box as a standard LB now and just scoop it just like the others.