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Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

50% Positive Reviews


Pros: 1) Super easy to use 2) Really fast to clean, roll over, roll back, 30 seconds tops 3) You don't have to get dirty

Cons: 1) Only fits one cat 2) I have to hit the bottom when I roll it so the stuck urine clumps comes off 3) It cost $20 on sale

After having carpal tunnel surgery and having 6 cats and 4 litterboxes to clean, I started searching for a different type of litterbox. I found this one on It was the cheapest of the "automated or self cleaning" litterboxes. Since Amazon has a great return policy I figured I would give it a try.


I use Fresh Step multi cat clumping litter. The first time my Taz peed in this litterbox, I rolled it and rolled it back and to my disappointment the clump of urine was still there! Over and over again I rolled it and still the same. I went back onto the forums and read the reviews on Amazon and found many people had the same problem. The solution was, when you roll it over, whack the bottom of the pan a couple of times and the clumps will fall.

I did that and now I LOVE it!! So easy, so fast, so clean!  I really want to buy about 4 more, but I don't want to spend $80 on litterboxes!


Pros: easy to clean

Cons: small internal space for cat

I bought this box because I like the design, but not actually expecting it to work as advertised. To me it looked like a sales gimmick. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I got it home and it worked exactly as advertised! A good looking litter box, and approved of by the cats, my only complaint is on behalf of the 15lb Matt-who is quite cramped as he determinedly uses the newly purchased box meant for the kitten. I recommend this box for any cat 9lbs and under.


Pros: Good in Theory

Cons: HUGE!

When i rolled it the clips(useless and hard to slide) that hold the whole thing together.. there was always an opening and litter would come out all over the place. and did i mention its HUGE!! in the store both pieces were inside each other.. when u put it together it was way too big! Its a great theory, the application falls short. didn't like handling the whole thing either or rolling it around my floor.. touching the handle of the poop drawer.. no.. 


Pros: excercise from flipping over

Cons: hood contains litter when cats dig flick the litter

Thought the concept was interesting, rolling it over simple right?  For two cat household.

for me the amount of time to flip'n roll the inside tray would wobble around litter would fall out

it was faster cleaner for me just to rip the lid off and scoop.  Later purchased The littermaid (don't C 

the robot brands here those big machines) never looked back after that.  If this was truly self

cleaning it would roll over by its self. I'm shocked at the prices online for this now 50-80.00 even!                           


Pros: easy cleaning

Cons: small space for cats, takes up a lot of room, urine smell gets all over the box

I bought this thinking it would be great. It was at first, the cleanup was really easy, took me thirty seconds to clean the box. However, the box is huge, but a very small portion of it is for the cats. My 18 pound cat couldnt fit in it. The urine odor got all over the box when I rolled it, and even with constant cleaning it started to smell very badly.


Pros: Good size, works well at first

Cons: Wastes litter. lots of it.

I thought I had reviewed this litter box not long after I got it. Guess not. I bought this litter box (the bigger one) when I got the cats in 2/2014. For months, it was great. I rolled it, the clumps gathered in the tray and i dumped them. Now it's December and I've had it 10 months. The longer I have it, the less I like it. It has been wasting more and more litter. More clean litter has been getting though the screen and into the tray. I thought it was the litter so I tried several different kinds. Same thing. I was going through litter at breakneck speed. I took the screen out, bought a scoop and now use it as a regular litter box. I scoop it out every morning and am using WAY less litter. So when I first got this box, I would have rated it a 5. Now, it's a 2 1/2. The cats have more room now because the screen is gone. I just ordered the Booda Dome with the steps. Let's see how that once does.


Pros: Fast

Cons: Could be a bit wider

This unit is great, I have bought three of them.  Fast and easy to use.  I do keep the drawer/scoop out to give the cats more head room to turn around when inside.


Pros: Very easy to clean, takes 30 seconds, our two Ocicats love it

Cons: Slight litter leakage during cleaning, probably too small for a large cat

Our daughters surprised us with Saphira, an adult Ocicat, for Christmas in 2011. We found this litter box on the Petsmart site on sale for 29.74 in May of 2012, and based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews we order one. It has more than met our expectations!


At that time we just had Saphira, that surprise present, and for those unfamiliar with Ocis, they are a large breed, and she was around 11 1/2 pounds at that time. We ordered the large size, and I really would recommend this size for any but a kitten or small adult cat. There is not that much of a price difference, and looking at the pictures of the box be aware that about a third of the width is occupied by the grill and the chamber where the clean litter collects during cleaning. It is large enough for both of our Oci girls, but I suspect that would not be the case for a twenty pound Maine Coon.


Cleaning is simple and is demonstrated in a video on the Omega Paw website, you just roll it over onto the cover, then back upright and a little farther. The "lumps" collect in the drawer, which you just empty and you are done! There can be a little bit of litter leakage, especially from the right side (as you are facing the unit, with the entry opening to the left), but we take care of that by keeping a litter pad under the front of the box, then turn the box ninety degrees and roll it onto the pad, which catches any leakage. A small problem for the job it does!


We now have two Ocicats, and they share it with no problems. I know we should have more boxes, and we do have a conventional one in another room, but both of our girls use the Omega Paw almost exclusively. We were going to purchase a second one, but it probably would sit unused.


We clean ours daily, but it is so simple and fast that it would be easy to do more often if one feels it necessary.


My daughter had a Litter Maid years ago, and it worked so poorly that she returned it within a week. This box is simple, inexpensive, and works very well. Best litter box we have ever had in over 40 years of cat servitude. I recommend it without reservation, with the one caveat that it might not be suitable for larger cats.

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Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The Roll Away Self Cleaning Litter Box cleans in just secounds without scooping. Inside the litter box there is a unique patented grill that seperates out the clumped waste, depositing it into the pullout tray. The Large Litter Box is great for big cats or for multiple cat households.

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