Seems well made and cats like it, plus many different attachments are available.

A Review On: Neko Flies - Kragonfly with Rod - Interchangeable Toy

Neko Flies - Kragonfly with Rod - Interchangeable Toy

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Pros: Durable, cats enjoy it, can get different attachments, cord doesn't knot as easily as that of Da Bird

Cons: A bit pricey and the rod is a little short

I'd heard great things about Neko Flies so even though it was a bit pricey, I ordered one for Paul and Chula.  Chula absolutely loves this thing.   She races all around the place trying to catch it and leaps high in the air with her efforts.  She'll wear herself out to the point that a nap comes next.   Paul seems to like it one day and not the next.  I think it might be because he's one of those cats who likes wand toys with long dangly things so I've ordered an attachment that should help with that.  This brings up a negative point - the attachments are very expensive and seem overpriced to me.  The one I have on order was $13.95 which is too much for a few bits of plastic and dangly strings and a cord.  


One nice aspect of this is that the cord does not knot as easily as that of Da Bird and when it does, it's easy to unknot.  The attachments are unusual in that they come with the cord and attach at the tip of the wand, unlike other wand toys in which the attachments are replaced at the end of the cord.  This means that if problems with the cord do develop, they'll be resolved with a new attachment.  This is a nice touch.  Attachments are quickly changed thanks to a well thought out hook system.  This is not always the case with other wand toys.  


The wand is a little short, IMO, but the length doesn't seem to detract from the performance.


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