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Miracle Coat Double Sided Cat Brush

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Pros: The coated ends to the bristles gave a kinder brush than most slicker wire brushes and didn't tug the fur hard.

Cons: Didn't catch the undercoat hairs effectively or remove guard hairs, and brush had no effect at all.

I bought this as thought it would be a kinder brush for regular removal of constant molting undercoat, and that maybe the brush would help lift off some guard hairs.  The wire bristles were kinder than slicker brushes I had used but were softer and straight, and as a result lifted less of the undercoat.  Although it was a softer and kinder brush my cats did not tolerate it more than the others I had used.  The bristles were too closely packed to have any effect on my short to medium coated tabby cats' fur, did not smooth or lift any guard hairs, and I think my cats just disliked the feeling of pressure they got when I tried to use it.  I tried it with my Russian Blue boy once and found again that the bristles were too close to have any effect in terms of brushing the coat, and he also seemed to dislike the pressure of the brush on his fur - he much prefers the effect of a quick rub with a dry or damp cloth for removing any loose fur and lifting any excess oils from his coat.  I wouldn't recommend it for any type of cat coat I can think of from my experience.

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Miracle Coat Double Sided Cat Brush

Miracle Coat Cat Comfort Tip Brush is an excellent all-purpose brush for any pet. Wire pins separate and untangle the hair. Polished tips reduce hair damage. The long, steel pins are especially useful for long coats. Double sided with bristles on the other side for a smoot shiny coat

BrandMiracle Coat
Featurehandle does not slip even when wet
Height1.5 inches
Length6.5 inches
Width2 inches
LabelMiracleCorp Products
List Price$7.49
ManufacturerMiracleCorp Products
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPet Products
PublisherMiracleCorp Products
StudioMiracleCorp Products
TitleMiracle Coat Double Sided Cat Brush
Weight0.2 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
TheCatSite.com › Cat Supplies and Services › Cat Grooming › Brushes & Combs › Miracle Coat Double Sided Cat Brush