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Meow Mix Market Select Variety Pack

67% Positive Reviews
Rated #60 in Wet Cat Food


Pros: Tasty

Cons: Likely not the most healthiest option

I am not a normal purchaser of this product, this is just something I will pick up (individual ones) once in awhile if I am unable to get the other higher end items, in a rush etc Sort of like my little quick backup option.

My kitties seem to really enjoy the taste, and they eat it up quite well. I can't garuantee that it is the most quality or healthiest choice though. It is also made in Thailand, depending on whether or not that bothers someone personally. I wouldn't use it as my "it" or absolutely main food for them, but it does its job as a once in awhile thing to add to their usual dry food. It is also fairly cheap, and easy to find - can get it at Walmart, grocery stores etc


Altogether, it is a decent item. It hasn't negatively affected the munchkins thus far either.



Very basic gist of the ingredents based on the label in my hand (Meow Mix Chicken Liver and Sauce variety):  Fish broth, tuna, chicken, chicken liver, wheat gluten,  modified tapioca, starch, sugar, poultry heart, dried egg product, salt, tricalcium phosphate,  guar gum, and so forth.


Pros: It was very affordable

Cons: None

I had one cat who absolutely loved this food. She ate it until she got sick and finicky. It worked really well for her for a long time.


Pros: affordable and Tasty

Cons: Horrible quality

My cat Mew use to be a Meow Mix junky. He absolutely loved the taste, flavors, and variety. Before I switched Mew to a higher quality brand, he would puke a few times a week and he was slugglish. Unfortunately this was at the time when I didn't know how to read ingredients in cat food's and I didn't realize that some brands put horrible things into their foods. I understand that not everyone has a lot of money to provide their cat with great options, but there are other brands that are around the same price or cheaper and the quality is a lot higher. Mew Meow is full of Artificial Flavors, grains, by-products, and I'm not even sure if there's real meat.

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Meow Mix Market Select Variety Pack

Tender cuts of seafood, chicken and beef are just some of the great tastes mixed to perfection in Meow Mix Market Select cat food cups and variety packs.

BrandMeow Mix
FeatureA whole variety of crunchy sensations
LabelMeow Mix
List Price$33.60
ManufacturerMeow Mix
Package Quantity48
Product GroupGrocery
Product Type NameGROCERY
PublisherMeow Mix
StudioMeow Mix
TitleMeow Mix Market Select Variety Pack, 2.75-Ounce Cups (Pack of 48)
Number Of Items1
Publication Date2010-09-18
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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