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A Review On: Love Glove Grooming Mitt for Cats

Love Glove Grooming Mitt for Cats

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Pros: Picks up stray hair after grooming, cat loves how it feels

Cons: Doesn't harvest enough hair on its own

I use this primarily on Paul, who has short, thick hair.  First I groom him with a tool like the furminator or a toothed grooming loop and then stroke him while wearing this glove.  The glove picks up all the loosened hair and leaves him looking sleek and shiny.  The best part is that he absolutely loves it and allows me to use it on his tail and chest - places he doesn't like other grooming tools to approach. It's very easy to use since you're basically just stroking your cat.


 This is also great for gathering up all the tufts of hair left behind on the rug or bed, or wherever your cat is sitting while being groomed.   


It is necessary to frequently remove the hair from the glove as it builds up quickly and reduces its effectiveness.   


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