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Love Glove Grooming Mitt for Cats

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Pros: Picks up stray hair after grooming, cat loves how it feels

Cons: Doesn't harvest enough hair on its own

I use this primarily on Paul, who has short, thick hair.  First I groom him with a tool like the furminator or a toothed grooming loop and then stroke him while wearing this glove.  The glove picks up all the loosened hair and leaves him looking sleek and shiny.  The best part is that he absolutely loves it and allows me to use it on his tail and chest - places he doesn't like other grooming tools to approach. It's very easy to use since you're basically just stroking your cat.


 This is also great for gathering up all the tufts of hair left behind on the rug or bed, or wherever your cat is sitting while being groomed.   


It is necessary to frequently remove the hair from the glove as it builds up quickly and reduces its effectiveness.   


Pros: easy to use, brush cat while petting him

Cons: cat hair flies all over and doesn't stick to the mitt

I bought the Love Glove a couple years ago for my cat Daisy, who loved to be brushed.  I had seen other reviews that this glove was similar to the Purebred Pet Mitt that used to be offered through infomercials in the 90's, so I assumed that it would work just as well.  WRONG!

The glove easily slips on your hand and there is an adjustable Velcro wrist strap.  Once its on your hand, you simply start petting your cat and supposedly all the loose hair on them will stick to the glove and you will be able to peel it off in one sheet when you are don't grooming.  Well, I started petting Daisy over and over and over, which she absolutely loved, but I didn't see much hair stick to the glove.  It was also like static electricity was working against me, and most of the hair I was "petting" off of Daisy was just accumulating at the low of her back, instead of on the Love Glove.  I tried using the Love Glove again a couple days later, but the same exact thing happened again.  After that, I went back to brushing Daisy with a standard cat brush and slicker brush, and the Love Glove got put in the closet.


This grooming mitt was not worth the 6 bucks I paid for it.


Pros: easy to use

Cons: difficult to de-hair

Gov loves brushes more than any animal or person that I have ever met, so I thought this glove would be great. He doesn't really go nuts for it the way he does with the regular, metal-pronged brush. It's easy to use because it is just like petting, but I think the amount of surface area is overwhelming to cats so they can't stand it for that long. This was another hand-me-down from my parents' pickier cat who allegedly hated it. Picking out the mat of hair is definitely difficult. We don't use this product that much, which is too bad. Seemed like a great idea for brush-lovers. 

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Love Glove Grooming Mitt for Cats

Love Glove Grooming Mitt for Cats

BrandFour Paws
FeatureFour Paws Love Glove conveniently fits any size hand and easily fastens with a Velcro strap. The Love glove removes dead unwanted hair while gently massaging the pet. Dead hair easily peels off the Love Glove?s soft rubber tips. Also great for removing hair from furniture and carpet. Dead hair easily peels off the Love Glove's soft rubber tips.
LabelFour Paws
ManufacturerFour Paws
PublisherFour Paws
StudioFour Paws
TitleLove Glove Grooming Mitt for Cats, Purple
ColorBlues & Purples
ProductGroupPet Products
UPCList - UPCListElement045663018443
Item Height1 inches
Item Length8.25 inches
Item Weight0.15 pounds
Item Width5.75 inches
Package Height0.3 inches
Package Length8.6 inches
Package Weight0.15 pounds
Package Width5.2 inches
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