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Litter Box Enclosure

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Pros: ~Lots of colours to choose from ~Looks nice

Cons: ~Territory Issues ~Door Guarding ~Litter Box Hiding

I got one of these because I though it looked great. I bought one the same colour as the cat tower I have and the tower was made from the same material so I thought this would be a cool thing to have. It did not work well for my cats however.


Within the span of about two weeks one of my cats stopped using the litter box and instead began doing her business outside the box, we couldn't figure out what her issue with the box was. We though it might have been the enclosed space but as it turns out we caught my other cat marking(peeing on) the door to the box and occasionally aggressively chasing the second cat off. We switched to pan litter boxes and have not had this problem since. They're less 'pretty' but they work.


The second issue we had with this litter box was that because it had a lid my first cat would go and hide inside the litter box when we had company over. This disturbed me and after doing some research I found that her confidence was the issue, she had none. The first step was trying to gain her trust around strangers and get her out and up, but the second step was getting rid of the lid on the box so she couldn't hide in there anymore. We no longer use litter boxes with lids.

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Litter Box Enclosure

Carpeted outside and laminate inside for your cat's bathroom break. One of the easiest kitty litter boxes to clean and take care of. Easy to lift off lid Easy to clean Stain Resistant Extremely Sturdy Construction No Assembly Required Inside dimensions: 32"L x 19"W x 19"H Outside dimensions: 33"L x 21"W x 19"H Opening: 9"H x 8"W

BrandNew Cat Condos
FeatureEasy to lift off lid Easy to clean Stain Resistant No Assembly Required on any of our litter boxes
LabelNew Cat Condos
ManufacturerNew Cat Condos
PublisherNew Cat Condos
StudioNew Cat Condos
TitleLitter Box Enclosure - Beige
ProductGroupPet Products
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Litter Box Enclosure - Green818957010740
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Litter Box Enclosure - Blue818957010733
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