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KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher with Toy Cat Toy

75% Positive Reviews


Pros: Kitties have a blast with it, gives them something else to scratch

My kitties particularly enjoy this toy at night, mainly because the dogs are in bed then. Penelopy went NUTS over the foil ball inside. She always manages to pull it outside of the hole; I put it back in every day and every morning, it's back out. The boys like to climb on top of it and then jump on each other, as well as Penelopy. Sara, one of my 13 year olds, likes to take a few moments to scratch in it every now and then.


I was literally looking for inexpensive stocking stuffers when I saw this, and saw that it was so cheap! Obviously doesn't fit in a stocking, but so glad I got it. And I did have the catnip, but I like to use my own anyway. I did that yesterday and the boys were all over it!


Pros: Its has a glitter foil ball in it, its at a incline

Cons: Well, its made of paper, didn't include the bonus catnip as stated

This is a very nice incline cardboard cat scratcher. I have 6 kitties and they all enjoy scratching on it. All of mine will use cardboard but several are rope scratchers and one is a carpet scratcher. I like that its at a nice incline so the vertical scratchers and horizontal scratchers use the same one. My two youngest ones, both girls, Miss Kitty and Mouse love the glitter ball. They both drag the whole entire post around by the ball which is attached to the post with an elastic cord. This scratcher insert can also be flipped over to use the other side once one side is worn. I find that given this is made of paper, if I keep everyones claws trimmed as I am supposed to, it will last about a month. That ain't bad given its made of paper.


Pros: cheap, durable

Cons: not meant to last forever

I bought 2 of these when I noticed that my cats liked to scratch the carpet even though they had plenty of scratching posts.  I figured that they wanted something more horizontal to scratch.  One of my cats doesn't use these at all.  She's 9 and has never used cardboard before.  My other cat loves them and likes to stand on top of it and scratch (which fixes the lightweight problem mentioned in the other review).  I like that I can just recycle them when I'm done with them, since I move every year and don't want to invest in expensive/ heavy furniture.  I've had these for maybe 10 months now.  You can tell that they're scratched up, but you can always just flip the cardboard refill part over to get a "brand new" side.  I also like that they're so cheap.  I wouldn't want to use these long term just because having to refill something isn't as environmentally friendly as having something sturdy that will last for much longer.  But if you need something cheap or temporary then this is a great product.  


Also, the toy part got broken super quickly, but I didn't really buy it for that anyways.   


Pros: Recyclable and biodegradable, cheap, shouldn't hurt claws.

Cons: Too lightweight as is, toy snapped off right away, some cats may not like it at all.

Got this when cats were kittens a year and half ago. It still looks almost brand new...which is not a good thing.laughing02.gif I saw photos of cats that absolutely destroyed these, so somebody uses them. Mine showed almost no interest at all. The toy was removed almost immediately, so don't count on it as a source of entertainment. I ended up putting a hand weight in the hole to weigh down the scratcher so it wouldn't move as much when they were on it. They still weren't too interested other than walking over it. I still have it and one cat will occasionally give it a quick scratch but that's it. Cats have different preferences as far as the angles they like to scratch at. Mine seem to prefer the tall sisal rope scratcher on their cat tower.
KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher with Toy Cat Toy

KONG Naturals are ecologically responsible. All materials and dyes come from natural, renewable resources. These toys are designed to appeal to the natural instincts of the indoor cat. KONG Naturals cat scratchers will satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts, while encouraging appropriate scratching behavior. KONG Incline Cat Scratcher comes with a free toy inside! Our environmentally friendly Cat Scratchers are made with renewable resources and are recyclable. Simply sprinkle the enclosed catnip onto honeycomb scratch pad. Each pad is reversible for extended use. Save natural resources and money by purchasing KONG Cat Scratcher refills. Keep outer Cat Scratcher box and replace worn scratcher pads with Cat Scratcher Refills. KONG Naturals are more than just cat toys - they're fun with a purpose!

FeatureReplace worn scratcher pads with Cat Scratcher Refills
Height10.3 inches
Length8.3 inches
Width19.3 inches
List Price$10.05
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPet Products
TitleKONG Naturals Incline Scratcher with Toy Cat Toy
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Weight1.5 pounds
Number Of Items1
Size10.25'' length x 8.25'' width x 19.25'' depth
Material Type-1
Material Type Set Element-1
Release Date2008-05-03
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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