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KONG Cat ZoomGroom

70% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Brushes & Combs


Pros: Like a kitty massage. Gets some loose fur off of a short hair cat. Good for kitty bellies.

Cons: would not work on a long-haired cat.

I purchased this brush specifically for the short-haired cats in the family and they really love it. One cat nearly falls asleep while I brush him. He even lets me brush his belly with it.  The nubs are large and flexible and really do seem more about feeling good rather than really brushing.  When I pick up the brush, the cats try to act casual as they run over for their turn.


Pros: Cat likes it, does some work

Cons: fur flies everywhere, loose fur on cat's tail after brushing

I bought this honestly because it is cheap. It's not a total waste of money because it still does it's job of picking up some fur but it's not like those big balls of fur I see people pick up with their furminator. Granted that might be the first time they're brushing their cat in forever, but still. 

When the brush is dry, fur flies everywhere. So I suggest you to do the brushing in the bathroom and where something you don't care about. When the brush is wet, because the material of the brush is silicone the fur sticks to it better than if it is dry. It's similar to those "hacks" that tell you to remove fur from a couch with a rubber glove or a squeegee. But even  after I have wetted the brush, fur still ends up on her butt (I brush from head to butt). 

But my cat does love being brushed with this, so I think I'll keep it just for her. :catguy: 


Pros: removes a significant amount of dead undercoat, massages, can be used to work shampoo deep into the undercoat during a bath, DIRT CHEAP!

Cons: once the nubs wear down it's not as effective

I used this on my domestic short hair kitty and it worked wonders! it pulled up a significant amount of her dead undercoat the first time I used it.  When used in conjunction with the Furminator, your kitty will be left with a soft, silky coat.  I recommend using it at least once a week to cut down on hairballs :)


Pros: easy to use, comfortable for person and cat

Cons: Not as efficient as sticker brush, picks up a lot of grease

I got this tool many years ago. I haven't used it a great deal, as I find other brushes quicker and more effective. However, I did try it on Cali - a resolute brush hater. He was a British Cream Shorthair with an incredibly thick double coat. He matted regularly and badly, often needing chunks of fur cutting out. After he got ill, grooming became much more important as he was less inclined to groom himself. I got out the ZoomGroom one day, and he loved it! I was so relieved and happy to find a way to groom him that didn't stress him out. Ok, it isn't so good at getting the undercoat out, and it's useless where matts have begun to form, but for keeping a shorthair happy and comfortable it's great. Very useful in the shedding season. The only big downside is that it needs regular washing in soapy water, and needs plenty of scrubbing to get all the grease off.


Pros: cheap, works perfect. no more hairball

Cons: when it got dirt on, hard to clean.

 I love it I love it I love it. I have tried all kind of brushes or combs. Kong is the best one ever. It can get all the deep hair from the bottom. No more hairball. My cat is a short hair. I only brush one or two times a week. It works perfect. 


Pros: More gentle than slicker brushes, massages, easy to clean. Good for short-hair cats.

Cons: Generates static, hair floats all over and sticks to surfaces. Probably not very effective with long-haired cats.

I have used a Zoom Groom on my short-haired dog for years and it works great for him. I usually do it outside though because the loosened hair doesn't stay on the brush much. When I got my short-hair cats I bought them their own cat Zoom Groom, which I actually like better than the dog one. The cat version has longer, more pointed, and more flexible nubs. It seems to work better on the dog's fur too so I use it for everyone now.

It is little messy brushing the cat's indoors, especially in winter because the dry air makes for more static. I only brush them right before I am going to vacuum because the fur gets everywhere. I keep a spray bottle nearby to use which helps cut the static a bit, and a bucket to put the hair in. I finish with a quick once over with a slicker brush to catch any hairs left behind. Then a wipe-down with a damp cloth.

One cat loves to get brushed with this and have his nails clipped (for a treat of course), another tolerates it for a short time, and the third kitty needs constant distraction for the grooming session.


Pros: Easy to use and clean

Cons: Not for long haired cats

My cats kind of liked it because I think it felt good on the skin, like a massage but it didn't do a whole lot of actual brushing. After a few minutes of pushing it around on the, they got bored, irritated or both and took off. I ended up giving it to a friend with a short haired cat and they both love it. 


Pros: If you have a cat that likes a massage, it's gentle enough use

Cons: Doesn't pick up nearly enough hair as it should, any furs that come off either bunch at the tail end or float off in the air, making me sneeze

My kitties don't really like to be brushed, although I've started them on early on as kittens. They do seem more tolerant of this brush, but I feel it's not picking up enough loose hairs. I also didn't like cleaning it off. Do most folks just use their fingers and manually take the hairs off? It's too tedious, IMO. I'd like to use running water to rinse the hairs off, but I'm afraid it will clog my drain if I do it repeatedly! I've got two DSH but if you want a more effective brush, there are others that are much less hassle to clean yet efficient in removing loose hairs a lot more quickly.


Pros: massaging

Cons: rubbed my cat rather than collected fur,

I have a long hair Maine Coon, and I tried using this Zoom Groom on her. Didn't work. It didn't catch any hair at all. The rubber nubs are supposed to get the undercoat, but it didn't for me... Maybe I'm using it wrong? My cat did like the massage though. Good for cat massage, bad for actual brushing.


Pros: easy clean cats adore it

Cons: nibbs wear down after extream use

purchased two of these kong zoomgroom,s

have been using them for over a year now, we have six cats all of them just purr themselves away while we us the zoomgrooms on them. one will get it and bring it to us to use it on him.


the first one we have been using the most has about 1/4 inch worn off the nibbs, they are easy to clean the hair out of them.


as to grooming the cats the zoomgroom cleans the ondercoat out of thier fur as good as curry combs or any other device i have tried. but our cats like these the best.

KONG Cat ZoomGroom

KONG Zoomgroom is the best grooming and shampooing brush available. Removes loose hair like a magnet, stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and coats. "Groomassage" your cat with the Cat Zoomgroom. Regular grooming with Zoomgroom effectively reduces hair balls. Made in the USA.

FeatureMeasures 4-1/2 inches long
Height7 inches
Length4.8 inches
Width1.3 inches
List Price$8.16
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPet Products
TitleKONG Cat ZoomGroom, Purple
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Weight0.05 pounds
Number Of Items1
Size4.75'' x 1.25'' x 7.0''
Release Date2008-05-03
Is Fragile0
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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