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K&H Pet Bed Warmer


Pros: Operates at cat's body temp and cools down if cat is not using it.

Cons: No longer comes with sheepskin & suede cover.

We have 3 of the medium sized heating pads and use them during the colder months.  They are kitty magnets once the kitties find them!  We started off with one heating pad in 2005 and as we've added more kitties, we've had to add heaters as they would fight over the one or 2 beds with heaters in them.  The first 2 we purchased came with a faux sheepskin and suede cover, but the latest one we purchased did not.  I wrap them in an old towel to protect the kitty and the heating pad.  (I have one that likes to "nest" in her bed and will dig down until she finds the heating pad!)  I like that they run at the kitty's natural body temp and cool down when not in use.  They are a bit on the pricey side, but they pay for themselves over time.  We also plug our warmers into a timer so that they only run during the late evening into the early morning when it's coldest in our home. 


Pros: Dual temperature, low wattage, safe

We've been using 3 of the medium size warmers since Dec. 2012. They stayed on 24/7 through May 2013 when we removed them from the beds for the summer. In Sept. 2013 we put them back in the beds in Sept. 2013 and they've been going 24/7 again ever since. Just received 2 more mediums for some new beds. Couldn't be happier with these warmers. They are the perfect size (approx. 6" x 20") and temperature for the cats.

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K&H Pet Bed Warmer

Pet Bed Warmer turns any pet bed into a cozier place to be! Available in 3 sizes, each utilizing dual thermostats for added comfort. It can be placed inside virtually any pet bed and is easy to use: Just plug it in! Designed to warm only when inside your pet's bed. Intended for indoor use only. Small: 9 1/2 x 9 1/2" (4 watts), Medium: 6 x 20" (6 watts), Large: 11 x 24" (13 watts). State Size. Order yours today! Pet Bed Warmer

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