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JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Slicker Brush


Pros: comfortable, effective, easy to use, easy to clean, affordable

Cons: doesn't catch all the hair if fur is short

Our older cat has longer fur and has problems passing all the fur he ends up grooming off himself, so getting an affordable and good brush ASAP was a priority.


Our old brush wasn't nearly as well made and would wake the cats up and they would get up and leave, or start swatting at it instantly. An obvious sign they were not happy about being groomed by a cheap tool. I always thought the bristles were too rigid, especially for thinner coats.


I thought since they're both categorized as short haired, a softer brush like this would be good. They both took to it quickly, and compared to the cheap and stiff brush we used to have, they tolerate it much better for much longer. It's great at collecting lots of hair quickly (especially from the dense coated cat), likely due to the dual direction of of the bristles, and the handle is comfortable.


My only concern is that with our shorter haired cat with a thinner coat, while the brush gets the excess fur off of her, it doesn't collect all of it within the brush. When I brush her, I'm always using my other hand to follow the brush and collect flyaways. Regardless, we are now able to brush multiple times a day, I'm optimistic the tumble furballs will be decreased significantly, and we won't have any more furry tummy problems.


Very happy with this brush.


Pros: Perfect for daily grooming

Cons: None if used regularly

I have cats of all fur lengths, and own at least a dozen grooming tools, but this is both my favorite and the favorite of the cats as well.  It is gentle and effective if used DAILY.  It isn't designed to catch and hold two weeks worth of fur.  But since my cats enjoy their daily brushing, this brush is perfect.  It can also be dampened in the sink to damp-brush the cats to help remove dandruff, loose skin, fly-away fur, and almost anything else on their coats.  It is my first choice whenever I grab a brush.  And when my cats see it in my hand, they come running, too!


It is durable yet gentle, and very easy to clean.  I spray it with disinfectant after each use.  I have also used it to apply medication to my cats' because they enjoy this brush so much they don't even mind deep-brushing or being brushed backward.  It's just been indispensable here.  I give it a full 5 stars!


Pros: long bristles, cat loves it, rubber grip handle

Cons: doesn't catch a lot of hair

I have a long haired Maine Coon mix that I have to brush every day or else she coughs up hairballs. I bought this brush thinking the bristles were full enough to catch a lot of hair. They do catch hair, but I've used other bristle brushes that catch more hair. Izzie likes the feeling of the brush though, so that's a plus.


Personally, I like the Furminator the best.


Pros: easy to clean, good price, good grip, cat loves it

Cons: efficacy?

I use this brush daily. My cat is short haired and loves to be brushed, and this is absolutely his favorite brush. He has a special meow for when he wants it, starts purring as soon as I pull it out, and even stands up on his hind legs to reach it as I'm bending down. It's actually........the cutest. 


The angled pins make it very easy to pull the fur out to clean. I think I paid $12.99 at the overpriced pet store (every neighborhood has one) but I am very pleased with this purchase. My cat is crazy for it and it's a good way to shut him up if he's meowing for something. 


I have to knock off one star because although my cat loves it and we get a lot of fur out in a session, moments later there's still fur just sitting on his coat, or fur will fly off when I pet him. I'm not sure how EFFECTIVE this brush really is. I wish that this brand made a brush that had either a greater surface area or could get down to the undercoat. My cat is technically short-haired but he's got a thick coat I guess! 

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JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Slicker Brush

The Grip Soft Slicker Brush for Cats is part of the JW feline only grooming line. This gentle slicker with its angled pins is great for everyday grooming to help keep cats coats beautiful, even if they have sensitive skin. Daily brushing aids in the reduction of hairballs and helps to reduce shedding. The JW non slip ergonomically designed handle is also more comfortable on the hand making grooming a more pleasurable experience for you.

BrandJW Pet
FeatureSuitable for all cat breeds
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Width2.75 inches
LabelJW Pet
List Price$10.29
ManufacturerJW Pet
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Product GroupPet Products
PublisherJW Pet
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TitleJW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Slicker Brush
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