My cat loves it, but it has several serious problems, and poses a health risk

A Review On: HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy

HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy

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Pros: My cat lioves this toy and would play with it for hours on end.

Cons: short lived; batteries expensive; potential choking/ intestinal blockage risk

In a lot of ways this is the perfect cat toy: It is inexpensive (usually), fully automated (it even rights its self if flipped), and engages my cat's hunting instincts and interest like nothing else. My reason for the 2 star review is primarily safety, although its use of button cell batteries and the fact that the item its self doesn't last that long ( mine began to move only in a small pathetic circle, and a new battery didn't help) are also cons.  The main issue, however is that it gets cats *REALLY* excited, and is also small enough to easily swallow.


When I used it, I was always afraid my cast would get too excited and might eat it in her mad hunting frenzy.  She doesn't have PICA, but it went in her mouth a couple of times in her excitement, so when it started to ac up, I didn't replace it, because no matter how much she loved it, it just wasn't worth the risk, IMO.


if they made a more durable version that was too large to swallow and used aa or aaa batteries, I'd be giving it 10 stars out of 5, but as it stands, it is just not safe, in my opinion.


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