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FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats Reviews

Positive Reviews


Fantastic fur trimmer!


Pros: easy to use, cats don't mind it

Cons: none

WIthin the past couple months, I noticed that one of my cats vomited up hairballs a couple times.  None of our cats had ever had hairballs before this!   The cat puking up hairballs is by the far the furriest out of all our cats, but he is still a short-hair.   Maybe I was naive, but I figured since all of our cats are short-haired, grooming them wasn't really necessary.   Since I wanted to spare him from suffering from hairballs, I bought a Furminator for short-haired cats off Amazon (the cheapest place I could find it - nearly half of what pet stores sell it for if you have Prime).   I've been Furminating my one furry boy, and boy oh boy did it get a lot of hair...
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Like Magic


Pros: Does exactly what it says

Cons: Is pretty pricy

I have two cats, a short hair and a long hair, and they've both had problems with hairballs and extreme shed fur all their lives. I have tried several other shed removal brushes on them with no success. Then I caved and bought the Furminator from my local PetSmart. It took my cats a few gentle sittings where I only brushed them two or three times for them to get used to the brush and begin to trust me with it. It's been two weeks now and I have zero hairballs to clean up, and my cats coats seem much smoother and softer than before. They now seem to love the brush and will come running when I pull it out and even occasionally fight over who gets brushed first.    Just make...
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Negative Reviews


Very effective for deep cleaning


Pros: Really helps with thick fur and small mats

Cons: Can be over-used

This grooming tool is very heavy duty.  You need to be careful and not over-use it.  It could actually cause some injury if you are too vigorous with it.  I would recommend it for short- and medium-haired cats.  Long hair tends to be too fly-away and will end up going everywhere.  Cats don't seem to approve of this tool either.    I would advise resorting to this tool only when necessary for the removal of mildly matted fur.  It is not appropriate for daily cat grooming.  And in my personal opinion, it is also highly over-priced, giving the impression of a high-quality product, when in reality it is nothing more than an occasional-use...
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Just not sure about it


Pros: Removes hair

Cons: Scratches skin, can be over done, I think it cuts hair

I got one of the furminators for long haired cats for my medium haired cat. It seems very well made and for the most part my cat tolerates it. However, after our first brushing I noticed her fur looked shorter. My cat has a shaggy coat with some really long hairs and other short. I find it very attractive. After using the furminator for a few minutes she looked like a short haired cat and all the longer hairs were gone.   I am going to keep the furminator and use it only on her problem areas-her pantaloons- as I actually want that area trimmed. I dunno if she will tolerate it though. We have not tried yet. Because of the fact you can bald your cat with this-as the hair keeps...
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Furminator: Not for Long Hair Mats


Pros: Removes under coat

Cons: Pulls fur and scrapes skin

I bought this Furminator for removing the under coat of our Maine Coon mix cat, who, sadly, is gone now. All it did was to pull his fur causing him to cry. He hated it. I also found, that too vigorous brushing would scrape his skin.   I do not recommend the Furminator for long hair cats with mats. Live and learn.

More Reviews


Catches a lot of hair


Pros: grabs a lot of hair, leaves the coat shiny, less hairballs

Cons: expensive, don't overbrush, cat is iffy about it, hair flies everywhere

I use the shorthair light purple Furminator brush on my longhair Maine Coon mix cat. I tried using the longhair dark purple version of the brush, but it didn't catch any hair. So I experimented with this one, and I'm glad I did. It catches a lot of hair, but the hair flies everywhere. You have to run your hand over the coat to catch all the loose hair. Some floats around on the ground. It gets messy. My cat doesn't like the feeling of the brush too much. I think it may be a little too much for her. She loves slicker brushes though. I think the Furminator drags more than brushes. Beware, do not overbrush because you can make your cat bald!

Great Quality and Effective


Pros: Effective, easy to use

Cons: Expensive

My Bengal cat is short haired, so a brush isn't nearly as necessary as brushes for long hair cats. Either way, this brush was very effective, and had decent amounts of fur coming off of my cat. Other brushes wouldn't get the job done, and would barely pull a strand off of my cat, and annoyed her. Indy doesn't mind this brush, and actually seems to enjoy it. The brush is a bit expensive, but it is great quality, so it is worth the money. I have had this brush for over two years, and it is still working. Overall, a good purchase  

Very effective in removing loose/excess fur


Pros: effective; easy to clean

Cons: need to be gentle & careful

My parents-in-law's senior kitty recently stayed with us for a few weeks, and he shed like his life depended on it.  The FURminator did wonders in cutting down on the shedding.  I collected a giant ball of fur and presented it to my in-laws as a gift along with the FURminator upon their return.   You do need to be very careful and gentle while using this tool, however.  I hold the metal edge parallel to the cat to prevent scratching or irritating the skin.

Great groomingg tool!


Pros: works effectively, great deep cleaning, gets rid of tangles, less hair balls

Cons: not every cat likes it, need to be gentle since the blade can be rough on a cat's sensitive skin, is pricey

I love the Furminator a lot! Every time I brush Mew, I get enough fur to make another cat! It also takes off the undercoat which is something most brushes aren't able to do. It's great especially for hairy cats that are prone to hair balls. Taking away so much fur will help them not ingest so much fur during grooming which leads to less hair balls! Mew always has a shiny and silky coat after brushing. It's great since he sheds a lot less and he is happier.

wonderful product


Pros: works well

Cons: none

This is an awesome brush.  Many people think it is overpriced.  I personally would pay even more for it. I have two cats.  One cat does not even shed much, but when I use this brush I can still get quite a bit of fur off of him in just a matter of a few seconds. I've noticed both cats have shinier coats after grooming once a week with this brush.  It's also very ergonomically correct and easy to handle. It is nice that they have different sizes.  It's therapy for us and a great bonding experience   Love it!

An integral part of a cat grooming tool set


Pros: Reduces shedding as stated so less allergies and less lint-rolling things, easy to use and clean

Cons: Not a substitute for cat grooming brush or comb, may be difficult to use with impatient cats, builds static in dry areas

I bought the FURminator for short-haired cats in a set that came with a claw-trimmer about two years ago when I first adopted Charvone. I have noticed a difference in fur-shedding from when I don't use it and when I do. They shed much, much less fur in the air and on things they sit on when I do remember to comb them with the FURminator. I think everyone who has a cat, especially longer-haired cats, should have one of these in their cat grooming tool set. It has to be used after a normal combing or brushing session. I've found that this is easiest when they are sleepy or are in an affectionate mood where they feel like rubbing up against everything. Since the edges are sharp, I have to be...
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Must be used with a light hand!


Pros: Extremely effective in removing loose hair and the undercoat. Most cats tolerate it well.

Cons: Must be used very cautiously and with a light touch or you can strip out the cats coat.

I use this all the time for my short-haired cats and it probably one of the best grooming products if used correctly. It works very, very well to pull out loose hair AND can actually strip the coat. The blade is very sharp and if used to exuberantly or too often then you can make the cats skin raw and actually strip the coat to almost nothing! A light touch and short swipes are all that is needed to get the job done. I use this once a week for a month in the Spring and the Fall and then sparingly during the rest of the year. The blade stays really sharp and never seems to dull. I use it on six cats and have yet to replace the tool. Have had it for three years now.

Works great for us


Pros: captures lots of hair, helps work out tangles

Cons: cat is not in love with it

We have a very active Maine coon who grows hair like crazy and always seems to pick up debris under his tail. Our vet recommended this, and we're glad we got it. Every time I use it, I pull off enough hair to cover an entire kitten. The whole time he has lived with us he's only coughed up a hair ball once. People actually give him compliments that his hair is very soft and shiny. He is particularly pleased when I use it to brush out the dirt and tangles under his tail. The only negative is that he doesn't much care for it on his stomach or other sensitive skin. I do his tail every day and his stomach once a week.

Works Well


Pros: Gets that "another cat's worth of fur" out!

This brush works wonders for the undercoat of a cat. Usually when you brush a cat, it seems like it keeps coming, and coming, and coming....then pretty soon you have a whole other cat's worth of fur in the trash bin. This still happens with this brush, but you somehow feel more accomplished after a few strokes, if that makes sense. You know you're really getting to the under layers that need to be shed off that can't normally with just natural gravity and grooming.   Plus, kitty loves it :3

Good for long haired cats


Pros: good for getting through to the undercoat

Cons: needs to be used with other tools

It's a good tool but I would definitely buy it from Amazon or you'll be paying too much. It works well at getting rid of small tangles and getting through to the undercoat but it's definitely shouldn't be the only grooming tool you use if you have a long haired cat. You still need combs and brushes. It does remove a lot of hair and it is easy to use. It can be overused so take care with it. A well made product that does what it says it does. › Cat Supplies and Services › Cat Grooming › Brushes & Combs › FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats › FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats Reviews