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A Review On: Feliway Plug-In Diffuser with Refill

Feliway Plug-In Diffuser with Refill

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Pros: De-stresses and calms kitties, helps with behavior issues

Cons: Does not work for all kitties, can be expensive

I use Feliway 24/7 in my home.  It calms everyone down, helps with aggression, and helps high-strung kitties de-stress and relax.  I have a Feline Herpes positive kitty who breaks out with acne when she gets stressed.  This helps keep her calm and keeps the acne at bay.  Great tool when introducing kitties and getting new kitting accustomed to their new home. 


I use one 24/7 too, I keep it plugged at the door where they all (seven) can go in and out into their cat proof fenced back yard, no more arguments at the door.  They all file by and quickly smell the diffuser like it is a required activity to go out the door!  Very cute!
Stephenietx is right; it doesn't work for all kitties.  I have a 12 year old male that went into full stress mode when I brought home a year old male, not neutered yet 2 years ago. Since I'm retired, I'm home to supervise and run interference day and night. finally after a year, the older male was tolerating the now 2-year old younger male and also he was neutered shortly after we got him.
We had a female that passed away at 10 years old and I adopted and brought home 2 female kittens a year ago and was ready this time with Feliway to calm down my older male.  Well.....let me tell you....we rushed him to the vet's twice with emergencies because I thought he was choking and something must be caught in his throat. At the second visit and a different vet, he diagnosed acid reflux from stress.  His throat was raw from stomach acid. Feliway worked the OPPOSITE!  He SAW 2 new kittens, he SMELLED maybe 10 or 20 new cats and I'm sure he thought he was in danger.  The Feliway, in strategic places in the house, made him think there were MANY new cats and he reacted.  The vet gave him a shot of something to slow or stop the excess acid and I got tiny pieces of human acid reliever pills to give him.  A year later, he is back to normal except for sometimes playing a little with the kittens.  He won't play with my other male.  And here's the kicker. When I got my 12 year old male 10 years ago, he was 2 years old and was in a cat/kitten play room with about 15 other cats. I'm sure he was placed there because he got along with other cats so well. 
So now I just hold onto the Feliway and will only use it with any of the other 3 cats if they have to go to the vet's in their carrier.   I won't use it on my older boy AT ALL.  It had never occurred to me that it would work the opposite on my one cat.  The vet was surprised, too, when I suggested what must have happened.
We used the Feliway diffuser numerous times when we had guests staying with us or were away and had a cat sitter for Jamie. He was always a rather hyper cat, and the Feliway worked wonders.
I use a diffuser in the hope the 2 out of my 5 will become less terrified of people. They do eat in the room without problems, but are still to timid to touch. I got the spray for my hands too, but they don't seem influenced by it. However I find that quite a few other cats come in, don't pee any more, but make themselves comfy, even though they have homes of their own! It causes some fights, and on Big Bad Tom actually killed one of my cats, newly spayed, the mother of the 2 traumatised kittens (6 months old now!). I gave the girl the pill, but I'm not sure if she's not pregnant now, so I need to catch her for an examen at the vets. They're all fat, and the last 2, the "timids" are very furry, so it's impossible to tell from looking. I wish Feliway was really miraculous, although it does help some, I need a miracle (or a selective cat trap!), These 2 little ones are really resistant to all approaches. Wish us luck...