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Feliway Plug-In Diffuser with Refill Reviews

Positive Reviews


A Lifesaver!


Pros: De-stresses and calms kitties, helps with behavior issues

Cons: Does not work for all kitties, can be expensive

I use Feliway 24/7 in my home.  It calms everyone down, helps with aggression, and helps high-strung kitties de-stress and relax.  I have a Feline Herpes positive kitty who breaks out with acne when she gets stressed.  This helps keep her calm and keeps the acne at bay.  Great tool when introducing kitties and getting new kitting accustomed to their new home. 

Works for us!


Pros: Seems to take the edge off and gives the cats a sense of calm and security.

Cons: A little pricey and mine seem to run out after about 25 days. Diffuser tends to get a little warm in the outlet.

I gave this 5 stars because these diffusers have always worked for us on numerous occasions. I tend to use them when I foresee an upcoming stressful event for the cats such as: out of town company, moving furniture around, any outside stressor that I can predict, and for my one bully kitty who likes to tease. I recently had to move some litter boxes around to different locations and used the diffuser during a one month transition. I found that not only did it help with the change but Wendall's urge to tease seemed much less. My other cat, the one who get teased, always seems more confident when I have a diffuser plugged in and less likely to get upset. I don't use them all the time...
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Negative Reviews


Not working for us


Pros: we can not smell anything

Cons: cats do not care about it

I was suggested two years ago and bought several bottles trying to prevent one of my young cat to attack my elder one. We never feel it works for us.

At least we tried (twice)


Pros: The feeling that we were doing something

Cons: No measurable improvement

I first purchased this product about a year ago when a female cat, I had hoped to adopt, insisted on urinating against books, plastic bags, in the kitchen and on the stairs. I installed 3 diffusers around the house: in her room, in the hallway and in the large living room. I refilled them once but, since there were no changes in this cat's behaviour I did not renew them a second time when they ran dry. We rehoused this cat in a one-cat household and her well-being and behaviour improved immediately.   The second time I purchased this product was for a large room in the cellar (one diffuser) to try to calm a cat which loved to bite. In the space of 2 months...
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More Reviews


Didn't work for my cats


Pros: Everyone noticed it

Cons: Had no effect on my scaredy cat

We bought the diffuser with hopes that when we had relatives coming to visit our most nervous cat would feel more comfortable and relaxed.  We meant to plug it in about a week or so before they came, I've heard some cats need time to get used to the diffuser but we forgot and only put in about 2 days before the relatives came over.  All three of our cats enjoyed rubbing up against the diffuser but no one seemed more relaxed or less stressed by the "invaders."  Our house's layout is very open so the diffuser was in a big open space which I've heard can negate the effectiveness. Also as a note at first when it was plugged in the diffuser smelled bad, like metal but after a...
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