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Feline Pine Original Cat Litter


Pros: Fantastic odor control, very light and easy to change

Cons: Easily tracks everywhere once it breaks down, cats don't adapt to it well at first, overpriced for its value

This is definitely one of those things you need to introduce your cat to slowly. Don't just go from your old stand-by of Johnny Cat to these pellets, or your cat will most likely become very confused and decide to "take their business elsewhere" as it were.


That being said, it's quite probably the best litter I've ever tried. The downside is that it's considerably more expensive than regular clay litters, and despite what they say on the bag, it tends to last only about twice as long.


As far as odor control? IMMEDIATE! It leaves a wonderful woodsy-aroma everywhere, no dust, and no heavy perfumes.


Another downside, though, is that once the pellets break down into their component sawdust, it tends to get EVERYWHERE if you have a cat like mine who gets a bit OCD when it comes to covering her stuff. Not just in the burying, but also once she leaves the box with that now slightly damp sawdust stuck to her feet.


Judicious vacuuming is necessary - more so than other litters I've tried (except for a lot of the clumping litters which turn my boat's salon into a day at the beach).


Pros: Safe, minimal tracking, great odor control, economical

Cons: I couldn't find any

I have bought this brand ever since I got my kitten 5 months ago. I LOVE IT! The fresh sawdust smell covers up any odor my cat leaves. My kitten doesn't mind the pellets, although at first she thought it was a toy. I had to buy a sifting litter box which works great with this litter so I believe it was a good investment. A bag of this litter can last me 2 months with the litter box and the price is good too!


Pros: No oder, no dust, minimal tracking. light weight, super easy scooping,

Cons: none that I can think of

I have had my cats for one year. I have been on a search for the perfect litter and litter box system. My search is over. I will only use  Feline Pine Nuggets and the Feline Pine Sifting Litter box. The litter box is two boxes. The box on top has holes in it. When the cats urinate it turns the pine nuggets into saw dust.  Rake the scoop throughout the litter so that the saw dust will fall through the holes to the bottom box or slide the box back and forth and side to side to allow the saw dust to fall through the holes and into the bottom box. To dispose of the saw dust simply lift the top box off and pour litter into garbage bag. No more muddy mess that sticks to the bottom. Much easier to clean because there is no residue left in the box after removing saw dust. I just spray with vinegar and water and wipe out. So much lighter to dispose of the saw dust compared to the heavy used clay litter. Use to have to double the bags or the clay litter would burst out of bag and leave trail down the driveway on trash p/u day!

The solids stay on top and are just removed and disposed of. There is no oder at all. There is no tracking. A few pellets will end up on the floor but nothing like other types of litter. There is no dust. I can't say enough about Feline Pine Nuggets. Will never go back to clay.:heart3: 


Pros: Safer, fewer chemicals, light color

Cons: Cats didn't like pellets, clumping not great

I feel that this litter is still one of the better ones on the market in terms of not giving me an allergic reaction.....I am extremely allergic to the clumping agent in most regular litters and I didn't get that reaction using this litter.


So, in terms of safety and odor control, it wasn't bad, but my cats didn't like the pellets and wouldn't cover their business.  In addition, I found the clumping capabilities was below average, stuck to the bottom and broke up when scooping.


Because I feel that this is more natural and few chemicals, and light colored for diagnostic purposes,  I would still rate it three-stars, but as far as clumping and user-friendly, it didn't get high grades for me. 


By the way, I have heard that Feline Pine  now has a clumping type litter made out of the same substance....instead of pellets, its granulated, which would be much better in my book.  If I wasn't using the Worlds Best, Forest Scented,  I would give this granulated form of this Feline Pine litter a try.  I have a feeling its probably pretty good. 


Pros: Very economical

Cons: If you put to much in the pan it will get all over.

It is the most economical litter I have ever used. I only put a layer of litter in the pan that will cover half the pan. As the cats use it, it turns to sawdust. When its all dust you dump it. It expands when it gets wet and also kills the urine smell. If you use very much it will get all over the house, so less in the box is better. The best part is one bag lasts a long time if you use it right. I have 3 cats using one box and I put in one pooper scooper scoop of new litter in the box, it lasts 3 or 4 days before all the litter has turned to sawdust and filled the box half way up. One bag lasts for months.


Pros: Great fresh sawdust smell

Cons: Light flakes track outside the box too easily

I like Feline Pine and have used 3 or 4 boxes of it. There's nothing like the smell of pine sawdust. It really freshens the room in a natural way and contains odors well. If odor is your big complaint, you should give Feline Pine strong consideration. 


However, the sawdust is extremely fine and light. Your cat's paws will pick it up and track it outside the box every time they leave it. In my experience it will be all over the room where the box is and even beyond. Worse, once it's on your furniture, it's very hard to brush off. Imagine very fine particles of sawdust: they get stuck in the fabric of your furniture and need to be vigorously brushed/vacuumed out. My house has hardwood floors. Perhaps this effect is easier to contain with carpets.


The clumping is okay but not fantastic. After a while the catbox is a gravel pit of tiny clumps too small to pick up with the scoop. Clumping in other litters is harder and easier to clean.

Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

Feline Pine Scoop naturally neutralizes strong odors on contact, leaving your home remarkably fresh! Highly absorbent pine litter binds directly to ammonia particles and locks them away for good. Simply scoop and discard daily! Made from renewable southern yellow pine and natural Guar Bean Gum--it's 100 percent natural! Pine naturally neutralizes ammonia.With the clumping power of an all-natural fiber made from the Guar Bean, Feline Pine Scoop clumps tight, so nothing is left behind but fresh litter. Using Feline Pine Scoop is a safe and healthy way to enjoy the benefits of a clumping cat litter without any of the chemicals or silica dust.

BrandFeline Pine
FeatureWithout any of the chemicals or silica dust; scoop fully absorbs liquid
Height4 inches
Length13 inches
Width21 inches
LabelFeline Pine
List Price$18.00
ManufacturerFeline Pine
Package Quantity1
Product GroupGrocery
Product Type NameGROCERY
PublisherFeline Pine
StudioFeline Pine
TitleFeline Pine Original Cat Litter, 20-Pound Bag
Weight20 pounds
Number Of Items1
Size20 lbs.
IngredientsIngredients: 100% pure pine. No new trees were cut to make Feline Pine.
Ingredients Set ElementIngredients: 100% pure pine. No new trees were cut to make Feline Pine.
Publication Date2010-04-07
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