Nice colorful ball but overpriced.

A Review On: Ethical Spot LED Motion Activated Cat Ball Flash Light Toy Fun Form Exercise

Ethical Spot LED Motion Activated Cat Ball Flash Light Toy Fun Form Exercise

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Pros: Cat ball is colorful and attractive, turns itself off automatically

Cons: Pricey, plus prices fluctuate considerably. Smaller than expected.

This is an attractive little motion activated ball that lights up in different colors when it rolls across the floor. It turns itself off, so there is no need to keep turning it off during periods of inactivity.   Theoretically, this is a nice little cat toy with the potential to mesmerize kitties and give them a good work out.  Unfortunately, neither Paul nor Chula are at all interested in it - although I like it, they don't.  Other cats might, though, so I can't really mark down for that.  It is a little smaller than I expected but is not too small to be practical.


The reason I'm giving it only three stars is because of the price and the continuous price fluctuations.  Thinking this would be a wonderful toy, I made the hard decision and ordered it at $18.77. Within hours, the price dropped to $10.41.  In order to get the lower price, I had to cancel the first order and reorder.  Since then, the price went up to $12.33 as of two days ago and has now surged up to $18.77 again.    The toy is barely worth it at $10.41.  At $18.77 it is seriously overpriced.  


Bottom line: I'd recommend it for cats who enjoy chasing balls, especially flashing ones, at $10.41.  I definitely do not recommend it at $18.77.


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