Eat Slow Bowl

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Eat Slow Bowl

When your dog is eating his/her regular food does he/she gulp it down too quickly? It's a very common problem, and it's just as bad for dogs as it is for humans. It can cause bloat, choking, and an even more serious condition called gastric dilation. Slower eating is better. It reduces the problems above, and it also helps your dog stop when full, instead of overrstuffed. The Eat Slow Bowl is a simple and friendly way to train your dog to eat a little slower. These heavy duty, durable polypropylene bowls are constructed with molded protrusions inside that impede "instant access" to food. It helps your dog slow down and eat steadily without gulping. Eat Slow Bowls work well with both kibble and canned foods, as well as homemade food. Bowls are 10.7 inches in diameter and can accommodate up to 6 cups of food. Bowls are dishwasher safe. Key features: • Gentle, rounded protrusions • High quality polypropylene: dishwasher safe, durable, hygienic • U.S. tested: FDA compliant for food contact in plastic • No-tip and no-skid bottom • 10.7 inch diameter; up to 6 cup capacity • Beautiful design. Available in translucent dark grey. • Works for most sizes of dogs - simply modify the amount of food you place in the bowl.

BrandGreedy Pup
FeatureIt handles big kibble and small alike. The Eat Slow Bowl by Greedy Pup is 10.7 inches in diameter and dishwasher safe. The bowl won't skid as your dog eats up to 6 cups of food. This bowl is one-size fits most breeds. It is a medium to large size at 10.7" diameter. FREE PET TOY WITH PURCHASE
LabelGreedy Pup
ManufacturerGreedy Pup
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TitleEat Slow Bowl
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