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Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain Reviews


Great Starter Fountain


Pros: Easy to clean, Attracts Cats to Drink More

Cons: Loud, Plastic

Cats are naturally desert creatures and tend not to drink much water since their meant to take their water intake as they feed. That being said domesticated cats aren't domesticated enough to the point where they seek out water on their own accord. We need to entice them and incorporate it into their daily life to make sure they aren't dehydrated. A great thing to start doing is giving them wet food, but if you cant a great option is to buy a water fountain. I for one feed mostly wet food to my cat, she gets 1-2 meals of dry a week or every other week along with 2-3 raw meals a week. I still wanted her to get more water into her diet to make sure she was hydrated. So I opted for this...
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Love this fountain!


Pros: easy to replace filter, large enough for multiple cats

Cons: not very attractive/can be loud

My cat's and I love this fountain! Since buying it they are drinking more water and I am re-filling it less.  It holds a lot of fluid (I have three cats). It took them about a week to get used to it before they would drink out of it however but they use it a lot now.  The filter is very easy to replace and to clean I just dump out the water and wipe out with a towel and I've never had any issues.  I've had it for almost a year. We have ours on a hardwood floor and the vibrations can be loud so we have a small hand towel folded underneath it and it lessens the noise. You must make sure it is full of water when it is  plugged in-you don't want the motor to run when there...
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Did exactly what I needed it to do: my cats started drinking more water


Pros: Cats are attracted by the trickling sound and did start drinking more.

Cons: Annoying to clean, motor is difficult to get out, sometimes it will make horrible noises.

I bought this product very soon after we got our two kittens. They were 3 months old when we got them and even though they were on wet food, I did feel they didn't drink enough water. We tried several bowls, from plastic to stainless steel, glass and ceramic. Nothing seemed to make them drink.   The only one our pet store had was the Drinkwell Original and since I was at my wit's end I bought it instantly. At first my cats got scared because it was new and it moved and made some noise. But after a while it actually attracted them and they started drinking more.   I've had it now for almost 6 months and it's still working fine, although sometimes it starts making horrible...
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Great addition to another fountain


Pros: Good for keeping cats hydrated

Cons: This is my second one and the motor is really hard to get out compared to the last one i had

:lol3:This is the second one i bought. The other one was really old and I was afraid it could be harboring bacteria so I threw it out. I also have the platinum which is so much easier to use,not having to "PRY" out the motor every time to clean. Over all, if it wasn't for the motor being stuck inside, i would highly reccomend this to first time users. Didn't have the receipt and this happened after I owned it for a year.
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