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Cosmic Catnip Bouncy Bubbles

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Pros: cute

Cons: stupidest product ever

I loved the idea of catnip bubbles. I had ideas that my cats would love trying to "catch" the bubbles and then being excited by the smell. Well I was wrong. My cats didn't even pay attention to the bubbles, like they couldn't see them. I blew them in front of their faces and they just stared at me like, "What are you doing??" They didn't play with them and when the bubbles popped the smell didn't resonate like I thought it would. I tried the bubbles on the adoptable kittens in my store and no go. They didn't respond either. Luckily, it was cheap but I returned them anyway.


Pros: neat idea

Cons: messy, donesn't have much catnip scent

I was looking for stuff to put in my cats Christmas stockings last year and found these catnip bubbles at a local Petco.  I thought that they would be a big hit with both my  17 year old cat and my 5 year old cat.  When I opened the bottle of them on Christmas morning, I noticed that they were very messy and the lid didn't want to seal very well once I closed the bottle back up.  They also didn't have much catnip scent to them.  In fact, the solution smells identical to plain bubble solution for kids. 

I blew a couple toward my cats, and they were terrified at them!  All I heard was hissing and growling as the bubbles floated around them.  I tried again a couple days later, but my cats were still scared of the bubbles floating around.  After that, I threw the bottle away.  It was not worth the money I paid for them.


Pros: none

Cons: cats had no interest in it whatsoever

I saw this and thought that the cats and I would have loads of fun with it. I imagined that I'd blow the bubbles and they would chase them and try to catch them. Yeah right. That never happened. First of all, just getting a bubble to form was a chore and I got very few. When I did manage to get a bubble, the cats couldn't have cared less. They love catnip (Lily is playing with a catnip toy as I type this) but this stuff is a joke. Save your money.


Pros: Appealing to owners

Cons: Bubbles don't actually blow half the time. Frightened cats. The soap is very hard to wash off the floor.

I thought that getting Catnip bubbles would be a wonderful idea with three six month old kittens at home. So I went out and got them. I let my three year old little cousin play with them last night and he cried because they wouldn't blow up they just kept popping in his face and getting in his eyes. I tried them again this morning and after finally getting them to blow off right they scared my poor Bailey half to death. When the land on something soft they don't pop. When she went to sniff them they popped in her face, not only making her eyes itch and hurt, and her face every sticky. But scaring her enough to make her run and hide. I'm horribly unimpressed by this product.
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Cosmic Catnip Bouncy Bubbles

Cosmic Bouncy Catnip Bubbles contain pure catnip oil for interactive, scented fun. Bubbles are safe, non-toxic and dye free

Featurefree of dyes and colors
Height4.5 inches
Length2.5 inches
Width2.5 inches
LabelOur Pets
List Price$6.99
ManufacturerOur Pets
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPet Products
PublisherOur Pets
StudioOur Pets
TitleCosmic Catnip Bouncy Bubbles, 8-Ounce
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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