Like a MIRACLE , stops bad behavior, especially in conjunction with the Feliway plug ins

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Comfort Zone with Feliway Spray for Cats

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Pros: Amazingly effective to stop peeing and clawing furniture, also good to spray in carrier

Cons: Not cheap, but if you research, can find it 1/2 price

I wrote a lengthy review on the FELIWAY PLUG IN DIFFUSERS for the house, so I will refer you to that review to get a whole run-down on how this works for us.


Recently, I had a neutered male cat that, out of the blue, after three years of great behavior, suddenly started peeing ( more 'marking' actually ) nightly , under the dining room rug and on the kitchen rug.      ( we took him to vet and ruled out any behavior problems first ....and the cat boxes were always pretty clean)


This area is  right next to our sliding glass door-wall, overlooking the back yard,  where ( during spring-- queening season )  the random neighborhood cats have started doing their thing late at night.   


I already was using the Feliway plug ins, which work beautifully to stop fighting, etc. but I happen to see on the Feliway website, if I had this type of issue, to spray the Feliway SPRAY directly over every inch of the 'pee carpet' every 12 hours.  And if it didn't work right away, to do it twice a day for 30 days.    


Ok, well I did it one night,  then 12 hours later, and low and behold, he didn't pee the next night !  Thinking it was a coincidence, I continued to spray this stuff over every inch of the two carpets every 12 hours, for the next several days....and he never peed again !


Now, one night, about ten days later ( and the stray cats were STILL out there in the back yard,  at night peeing, mating, etc. ) I FORGOT to spray this stuff and darn it, didn't he pee AGAIN !   Immediately, I started my every 12 hour spray duty, then after many days, decided to live dangerously and  actually began to do it only once a day but around 8 p.m. at NIGHT   ( he would only pee at night and the ferals were only there from about 9 p.m. thru 1 a.m. not sure why )   We seem to be ok, now, just doing it once a day, but in the evening before 'pee time' would begin in the past.  


I hope I don't have to keep this up forever, but my vet says that this kitten / queening season will end in a month or two, so we can only hope.  But this stuff works like a charm.


And I spray it in their carriers when we have to go to the vet.  Neither of my cats are a huge problem going in the carrier to the vet, but if it makes them feel better, I am happy to use it.


This stuff is expensive in the local pet retail stores, but if you go to Amazon, or to Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Catalogue website, they have them much cheaper, they honor the manufacturers coupons and have periodic sales, when I usually buy several and keep them on hand. 


3/5/14  UPDATE:  Queening season seems to be winding down.....For the past seven days, I  have stopped spraying the Feliway on the 'pee carpets,' ( mind you, still have the plug-ins, though )  and NO PEEING !  I am still holding my breath, but it seems to have worked and the 'mating carnival' which was going on outside in the backyard has apparently moved on.  So my neutered male kitty doesn't seem to have the need to 'mark his territory' by peeing under the dining room rug and on the kitchen area rug. ...we are cautiously optimistic. :beerpals: 


6/9/14  UPDATE:      He hasn't peed there ever again, and its been quite a while now, without spraying any Feliway on the carpet.  And the outdoor cats are long gone now. 


Great product. I need to order more. Thanks for the reminder.
Thank you for your review.   I have an old guy with kidney disease who pees a lot and also pees standing up.  Sometimes he just peed on the floors or walls of the cat room instead of going to the litter box.  I read what you wrote about spraying the Feliway where cats have been peeing and decided to try it.  I spray twice a day along the walls, baseboards and floor where he'd gone before.  Been doing it over a week and I haven't found pee on the floor since I started doing it!  I have puppy pads around the litter box, and now if he goes outside the box, it's been on the pads.  I've got to think it's the Feliway spray.  I'm going to keep it up for awhile and see if it keeps working.  Thanks for the review and the idea.  
I am so glad to hear that it worked for you....I was shocked that it worked for me, but got those directions right off the website.  They say to spray every 12 hours for at least 30 days to break a habit.  It gets pricey but its $15 on Dr. Foster and Smith website and they honor the $5 off coupons that come in the package.  They probably have them on amazon cheaper too, I would imagine.  But yeah, its hard to believe that it works like that. 
Well, we can spend the money on Feliway spray or we can spend it on paper towels and enzyme cleaners, right?!  LOL  
Very good point !  :)