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Comfort Zone with Feliway Spray for Cats Reviews

Positive Reviews


Like a MIRACLE , stops bad behavior, especially in conjunction with the Feliway plug ins


Pros: Amazingly effective to stop peeing and clawing furniture, also good to spray in carrier

Cons: Not cheap, but if you research, can find it 1/2 price

I wrote a lengthy review on the FELIWAY PLUG IN DIFFUSERS for the house, so I will refer you to that review to get a whole run-down on how this works for us.   Recently, I had a neutered male cat that, out of the blue, after three years of great behavior, suddenly started peeing ( more 'marking' actually ) nightly , under the dining room rug and on the kitchen rug.      ( we took him to vet and ruled out any behavior problems first ....and the cat boxes were always pretty clean)   This area is  right next to our sliding glass door-wall, overlooking the back yard,  where ( during spring-- queening season )  the random neighborhood cats...
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works really well for a skittish cat


Pros: calmed my guy down in his carrier

Cons: price

I bought a can of the spray because my guy is suck a nervous cat. He was terrified with every Vet appointment. He really cried in the car, even howling at times.   The last Vet visit, I sprayed the insides of the carrier with the Comfort Zone, even the towel he lies on. To my surprise, Artie was so calm! He did not cry ~~ We Talked!   And on the way home, I did not have to cover his carrier with a towel. He was animated, even wanting to look out and see the traffic going by! On the way home, we also talked!   I am a great believer in the Comfort Zone, Feliway plug-ins for the house also. Originally, I did not feel they helped with calming him, but each time they ran...
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Actually works!


Pros: Works well

Cons: Expensive

I bought this to help my nervous cat through an hour long car ride and transition to a new house.  To my surprise, it actually made a difference!  Instead of crying and clawing at the carrier, she was quiet throughout the entire drive.  I just got a new cat a week ago who used to be a stray. He HATES his carrier with a vengeance.  I wasn't sure if it would have an affect on him, but it worked again.  Would definitely recommend.  

Negative Reviews


Good enough, not the best for some issues


Pros: Seems to have an actual slight effect on cats,

Cons: The smell from the spray, price, doesn't work for what we needed it for

I bought Feliway spray in November 2014 in preparation for a cross provincial move. We acclimated our two cats to it immediately after bringing it home by spraying it on luggage, boxes and the cat carrier. They seemed slightly calm and content about that but then on moving day, they were just too stressed out. First we spent the night at my sister's house (she has 2 cats) so the Feliway seemed to work when we sprayed it on the door separating the cats. Then we went to the airport and no amount of Feliway could have calmed them down. They were in cargo in the plane and then we drove straight to their new apartment - though our stuff had not arrived. Feliway did not help in the week...
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they say it works...


Pros: easy to use

Cons: really scenty

First off my bottle doesn't say Comfort Zone anywhere on it, it just says Feliway.   Everyone recommended this for stressed out cats so that's why I bought a bottle. Transporting my new little kittens back & forth to the vet for shots every few weeks, I didn't want them totally stressed out. I would spray in my cat carrier, on the plastic, in the back & then leave it open until it aired out.   I would then put whoever inside & transport them. I don't know if it works. Most cats hate car rides so they always howl & you can tell they just aren't happy. One time though I had this cat who was really freaking out, he wouldn't stop jumping & it's like...
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Did nor calm any of my cats


Cons: Expensive, did not change unwanted behavior.

I used the product for 3 consecutive  months  and there was no positive change in any of our cats. In fact,  they seemed to fight more. We do however, have a home with cathedral ceilings. So mabye that is why it did not work for us. 

More Reviews


Many Uses


Pros: Inexpensive online

Cons: Can run out quickly if you use a lot of it

I purchased this to try and alleviate some of the inappropriate urination/spraying issues my cat was having out of the blue. I use this in combination with the diffuser plug in. I primarily used this after her most recent accidents, and it definitely helped deter her from going pee there again.   Now, it has come in handy otherwise. I have sprayed it on the couch where she has scratched and basically destroyed the upholstery....but, after several days of spraying it 1-2x a day, I soon saw her rubbing her face up against the couch arm, which is an indication that the cat no longer feels the need to mark that area otherwise.   It's also very handy to use in a carrier when...
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Worked like a charm!


Pros: Stopped clawing of furniture, peeing on things, and scared behavior

Cons: not cheap

I just got 2 cats and they were real scared until I got this. They were feeling great. › Cat Supplies and Services › Cat Health › Calming Aids › Comfort Zone with Feliway Spray for Cats › Comfort Zone with Feliway Spray for Cats Reviews