Great concept, execution needs work

A Review On: Cat Craft 3-Tier Cat Climbing Tree

Cat Craft 3-Tier Cat Climbing Tree

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Pros: cat uses it sometimes

Cons: unstable, difficult to prop up and push in spring mechanism,

The assembly for this tree was very simple. It might be a lot sturdier if the screws were longer, and there was a change to the bit that extends to the ceiling to hold it in place. It is frustrating to put it in place alone, or if you are short in any way so I recommend a ladder or step stool. It wobbles a bit much so it took my cat a while to take a liking to it. Another issue, specific to my cat, and maybe other declawed cats, is there isn't much grip. I ended up stripping the cloth from the bases and polls, purchasing plastic canvases and stapling the canvases on it. Eventually, I added a shorter, single base tree next to it. She was more comfortable climbing on it from then on.


I wouldn't recommend this for medium to large cats, maybe small cats. I do not know if the product has issues on flooring without carpet. 


She's never been to the top, at least when I've been around.


I returned the one I bought as the column was so unsteady I felt it would buckle when my cats jumped on it.  No amount of adjusting worked. We felt it was unsafe for even a small cat to climb on.
Against the wall, and upon a shorter ceiling, it seems to be okay enough for my cat. In the corner would be ideal but I wanted her to have better access to the window.