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A Review On: Cat Craft 3-Tier Cat Climbing Tree

Cat Craft 3-Tier Cat Climbing Tree

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Pros: The color matches my decor

Cons: It's very unstable, platforms way too small, after 2 months the covering is already tattered.

I have two fairly large cats - each approximately 15 pounds - and I thought this would be ideal for them!

When they (actually, only one of them uses it) climb on it, the entire tree wobbles and shakes and I am always afraid the whole thing is going to fall over! They don't spend much time on it because it scares them. The platforms are too small for them to lay on, so they can only sit on it.  Oh, the overall dimensions are a decent size, but once the poles are in place, they take up a good portion of the platform leaving only an 8 x 11 inch space. 

My DSH uses the bottom shelf only for a 'stepping stone' to get up on the window sill. Otherwise he never climbs on it. My Maine Coon will go as far as the second shelf and sits to look out the window, but he refuses to go up any higher because of the way it moves when he climbs up. He does use the very bottom of the pole as a scratcher - but the material is not a very good quality and I have to trim lose threads off it every day or so. They shelves also spin around and move. I have tightened them as tight as they can go, but they still move around. 

Poor quality and construction! And definitely not worth what I paid for it. 


This is definitely good to know,as when I can finally afford one of these for my babies,I want a quality one! I also have two large boys. Both are 16 pounds each. Their sister is a kitten yet,but I believe she'll also be a big cat. I can see them all on it at once playing around. And to think that one or all of them could be hurt just freaks me out! That would be unacceptable! You're right about it needing to be sturdy. Even if just for one ,smaller sized cat. It doesn't matter,as long as it's safe. That should be the priority. And then ,of course,practical and fun. Thank you for your observation of these important issues and for taking the time to share your concern with your fellow cat parents!!! God bless,Glory
Check out my reviews on Molly and Friends cat trees...they are the BEST.  They are weighted on the bottom with a broad bottom and seriously solid construction.  You almost CANNOT tip them over, no matter what.  And I have had mine for five years, two 15 lb cats with claws, and the things are almost like new....and the cats are on them all the time.  They are a little more expensive than the other trees, but a good investment and my cats love them.  They have sisal wrap around the poles, for scratching, too.   I think if you google Molly and Friends you can get a website for them....I got mine at Pet Supermarket, one of the big box pet stores, in South Florida.  
the closest store of Molly and Friends to me is 500 miles away in Lake Tahoe or Reno. One would think they'd have a store in a Metropolitan area like Los Angeles.
you might be able to buy it online?