cat craft 124003 3 tier cat climbing tree

A Review On: Cat Craft 3-Tier Cat Climbing Tree

Cat Craft 3-Tier Cat Climbing Tree

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Pros: only one usable in a rv, adjustable size

Cons: covering not very cat proof

purchased this from air force exchange for use while traveling in our class a RV. its adjustable for size with a spring loaded top also by leaving out sections. the only problem with it is the covering is not to cat proof, i fixed this with 4" PVC pipe covered with rope over existing tube sections my 6 cats just love it and one weighs in at 22 lbs. they do not use it when we are driving, only while stopped.


highly recommended for cat lovers who take their cats with them in RVs.

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I bought this tree and couple months ago and wish I hadn't. 
It was easy enough to assemble and install, but it isn't very stable. When my Maine Coon climbs up on it,which is very rarely, the entire tree wobbles and I am in constant fear it is going to fall over. My DSH will not get on it at all, with the exception of using the bottom shelf as a 'stepping stone' to get on the window sill. Otherwise, he avoids it.
The shelves are also very small! While they measure 17" x 11", there is a 4" tube that goes through each shelf. That leaves an actual area of 11" x 9" for the cat to sit on (that is the size of a piece of computer paper! My cats are big, weighing approximately 15 pounds each. My Maine Coon cannot lay down on it at all. He tried once and promptly fell off the edge and fell 6 feet to the ground! He never climbs any higher than the 2nd shelf which is just 4 feet high. 
Also, the carpeting that covers the entire tree is very cheap and already looks as if it is several years old. Claws easily get snagged and tangled in it and loose threads get stuck on his claws.
The concept is good, but I am to the point of throwing the whole thing in the trash before one of them gets injured or it falls and damages nearby furniture or breaks the window. 
I would NOT recommend this product to anyone!