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Cat Craft 3-Tier Cat Climbing Tree Reviews

Positive Reviews


cat craft 124003 3 tier cat climbing tree


Pros: only one usable in a rv, adjustable size

Cons: covering not very cat proof

purchased this from air force exchange for use while traveling in our class a RV. its adjustable for size with a spring loaded top also by leaving out sections. the only problem with it is the covering is not to cat proof, i fixed this with 4" PVC pipe covered with rope over existing tube sections my 6 cats just love it and one weighs in at 22 lbs. they do not use it when we are driving, only while stopped.   highly recommended for cat lovers who take their cats with them in RVs.

Negative Reviews


Great concept, execution needs work


Pros: cat uses it sometimes

Cons: unstable, difficult to prop up and push in spring mechanism,

The assembly for this tree was very simple. It might be a lot sturdier if the screws were longer, and there was a change to the bit that extends to the ceiling to hold it in place. It is frustrating to put it in place alone, or if you are short in any way so I recommend a ladder or step stool. It wobbles a bit much so it took my cat a while to take a liking to it. Another issue, specific to my cat, and maybe other declawed cats, is there isn't much grip. I ended up stripping the cloth from the bases and polls, purchasing plastic canvases and stapling the canvases on it. Eventually, I added a shorter, single base tree next to it. She was more comfortable climbing on it from then on.  ...
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Kittens Mom

Poor construction


Pros: None

Cons: Poor construction, material covering odd type of carpet.

Voted as a death trap as soon as it was put together and put in place. Took apart re-boxed and returned to store.  It would have taken installing a mounted hook in our ceiling to make this safe. Even then the materials didn't seem worth the effort. A high quality piece of cat furniture I wouldn't have an issue making some modifications. This wasn't worth the trip to the hardware store. I have other Cat Craft products that are decent and worth the price which is minimal. This model is poorly designed.

Not what I thought it would be


Pros: The color matches my decor

Cons: It's very unstable, platforms way too small, after 2 months the covering is already tattered.

I have two fairly large cats - each approximately 15 pounds - and I thought this would be ideal for them! When they (actually, only one of them uses it) climb on it, the entire tree wobbles and shakes and I am always afraid the whole thing is going to fall over! They don't spend much time on it because it scares them. The platforms are too small for them to lay on, so they can only sit on it.  Oh, the overall dimensions are a decent size, but once the poles are in place, they take up a good portion of the platform leaving only an 8 x 11 inch space.  My DSH uses the bottom shelf only for a 'stepping stone' to get up on the window sill. Otherwise he never climbs on it. My Maine...
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