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Cat 911: Fixing their Care, from The Way of Cats (Learn The Way of Cats)

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Cat 911: Fixing their Care, from The Way of Cats (Learn The Way of Cats)

If your cat problems have reached an urgent stage, call Cat 911. The experienced cat rescue person behind The Way of Cats will teach you how to:Train the cat where and what to scratch on.Convince the cat to let you sleep... all night.Solve those horrible, embarrassing, litter box issues.Maybe you have a fat cat, a fussy cat, or a cat who begs for food every waking hour. Maybe your cat won't let you groom him, or your attempts to train the cat only makes her avoid your petting hand.It's all in Cat 911.Did you know cat advice experts charge $100 an hour? If you get another problem; that's another consultation. While they do great work, you can now get expert advice on your Kindle reader at a fraction of that price.Here's what some of the author's satisfied clients have to say about The Way of Cats:--I was going nuts. I'd never had a cat have so much trouble learning to use the litter box. Your advice on what to look for got him with the program, and we've been happy ever since.DY, stray cat--Your description of why he was doing it and what I needed to do stopped the howling in a few nights! I'm amazed, and I'm loving having my boy back.CH, unhappy cat--I was so worried getting a cat would mess up our new house. But she's behaving like a princess, and doesn't scratch anything but the scratching post you suggested.MM, shelter cat--I had to move my 16 year old cat's litter box. But it seemed like nothing I did would get her to realize it was gone, and she kept using the same spot. Your help had her reoriented in no time. Thank you, thank you!RH, elderly cat--I thought my fat cat would never lose that weight. I figured his tough time on the street meant he would always be hungry, but now he's sleeker and calmer. The vet is impressed that I could do something he couldn't.AB, fat cat --I thought my kitten would grow out of waking me up all the time, but she didn't. Your bedtime routine has us both sleeping through the night.TN, growing kitten--When my cat returned from the animal hospital, he didn't want to eat anymore! Your plan on how to get his appetite back took such a load off my mind, and helped him so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.SC, ill cat Any breed, any background, any cat at any age can develop Basic Care Problems. It could be a bout of poor health, changes in the home, or unnoticed stress that has gotten to the point where the cat can't cope any more. From a settled cat situation suddenly gone wrong to getting that stray cat or shelter kitten settled in, it's time for Cat 911.The step by step plans will:1) Stop the problem in its tracks. The first Action Plan is always how to relieve the immediate issue so we have space to think.2) Explains how to "work the clues" the cat is sending. The book's unique Ask the Cat tips lets you translate from Cat to Human.3) Guides you in reorganizing the care approach to completely provide for the cat's needs. Whether we have inadvertently been training the cat to scratch our sofa, or didn't realize we were the ones who ruined the cat's litter box, we can't fix what we don't know is broken.4) Relax, knowing the problem won't come back.This is the Cat Care Guide you wish you could have started out with. Following the care suggestions in Cat 911 doesn't just fix the cat problem, it's a complete Cat Maintenance Program to keep your cat happy and healthy.So you get two books in one!Whether the cat has terrible problems, annoying glitches you wish you knew how to fix, or you want to head off problems before they start, you and your cat will benefit by learning these extraordinary "cat secrets."It's time! To enjoy the well-behaved and affectionate pet your cat wants to be.

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