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A Review On: Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter

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Pros: no fragrance, no dust, little tracking

Cons: packaging

We have used Jonny Cat for years and wanted to get away from clay litter. We could not find a suitable litter substitute until now. The cats like it and we are happy to finally get away from the clay and use a healthier option. Very satisfied with this product.

We tried the pellets first but they are a little bit large for the cats though they did use it when mixed with a small amount of Jonny Cat. No problem transitioning to the clumping formula.

We rarely use a scoop to clean the box. We tilt the box and use a thin piece of cardboard or heavy paper junk mail and scoop out what sticks. Works well for us. 

The above price was for a 14lb. bag.


Thanks for the review!
What is the con with regards to the packaging?
We would rather have a bucket or pail so probably not a negative since it is only our preference.