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Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter

78% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Litter


Pros: very low odor, easy to scoop, safe for cat's health

Cons: leaves cats kinda dusty, a little pricey

I'm one of those people that has to try a thousand things until I find the one that I really like. I did it with cat food, cat bowls, toys, and I just finally finished the process of cat litter. The story goes as follows:


At first I was using the cheap of the cheap, it was like kitty clump or something silly like that, (I didn't know any better at this point) OBVIOUSLY this did not work out. It was dusty, didn't even clump and was just awful. 


Then I upgraded to the $9.99 multi-cat, clumping, refillable Sophresh cat litter from Petco. I liked it for a while. It wasn't extremely high tracking, and it wasn't extremely dusty and it was affordable. But then l I started exploring Petco and reading reviews online that explained there was better out there. 


Next I purchased Dr. Elsey's precious cat clumping litter after countless reviews said that it was the best cat litter. I bought a couple bags but that stuff was expensive (to me anyway) $17.99 for about 20lbs was (and still is) too much for what I was getting. Had I been really wowed by it I might have continued to buy it but I was still in my experimental stage so I didn't want to settle. My poor cats probably went nuts with all the litter changes. 


After doing a lot of online research, I discovered that clay clumping litter is not only bad for the environment, but bad for our cat's lungs as well. I set out to find a safe alternative and saw SoPhresh crystal cat litter as a good option. The deal with crystals is that they're supposed to be very low dust and tracking. They were neither for me. The pointy crystals were all over the floor and I felt bed for my cat's paws and my feet... My cats actually hated it and when i tried mixing it with the old litter I couldn't scoop anything! Also, the crystals contain silica, which in dust form is a known carcinogen. 


FINALLY, after months of searching, I decided to give Blue's Naturally Fresh walnut cat litter another try. When my kitties were neutered I bought a small 4lb bag and tried to get them to use it but they simply would not so I gave up. They used the clay and were fine anyway. But my coworkers kept singing the walnut litter's praises so I went ahead and got the one with cat attractant in it. I didn't have to do any mixing at all, the cat attractant worked and they immediately took to it. It was glorious! Basically from day one I knew I had found the right cat litter. There was barely any odor coming from the box and it's so light compared to clay. It's a bit more costly but to me it's well worth it. The cat litter is also on sale for 1/2 off until April 2015 with a coupon on an app called 'snip snap'.


My ONLY complaint is that after using the cat box, my black kitties come out looking a little dusty. They'll have brown fur for a little bit but I don't mind because walnut dust is definitely safer to inhale than clay dust (which contains sodium benzoate, a harmful chemical) 


Pros: no fragrance, no dust, little tracking

Cons: packaging

We have used Jonny Cat for years and wanted to get away from clay litter. We could not find a suitable litter substitute until now. The cats like it and we are happy to finally get away from the clay and use a healthier option. Very satisfied with this product.

We tried the pellets first but they are a little bit large for the cats though they did use it when mixed with a small amount of Jonny Cat. No problem transitioning to the clumping formula.

We rarely use a scoop to clean the box. We tilt the box and use a thin piece of cardboard or heavy paper junk mail and scoop out what sticks. Works well for us. 

The above price was for a 14lb. bag.


Pros: Smells really nice, covers fresh toilet actions really well, not too heavy to carry

Cons: Clumping not ideal, not easy to store

I actually got this for free (There was a special going on - buy a bag of Blue Buffalo dry kitty  food get a bag of this litter). Woot woot! 

It has a really nice fragrance, kind of woodsy and nutty. Does a decent job of subduing recently odored potty moments too. I wouldn't call it super light, but it didn't feel as heavy to carry as some other brands, that tend to feel like big ol' weights.


Half of my kitties liked it just dandy and normal, the other half didn't care for it. 

I didn't find the clumping abilities special or anything. In fact it barely clumped, even when the potty was left to marinate in the substance for a tad, as suggested. It also took a lot longer to 'dry', as the wee stayed damp for awhile. 

It would also have been nice if it was resealable in some way, as once you opened it you can't close it. 

I can't really say it lasted longer than normal litter, perhaps just a tad. 

Still, it is nice to know that there is alternative out there when it comes to litter. I personally didn't find it amazing or anything, but it is a decent product despite its misgivings. 


Pros: no smell, lightweight

Cons: doesn't hold

I was excited when this came out, I typically use clay clumping litter, so I wanted to try a non clay litter. I bought a bag & noticed that when I went to scoop the urine clumps, they fell apart. You know what this will do, little crumbles everywhere, you can't get them all & then the odor stays around & it's just terrible.


I won't buy this brand again but if you're curious about it, try it for yourself & then post a review!


Pros: Excellent clumping, low tracking, superior urine and ammonia control, eco-friendly, basically dust free

Cons: Expensive, average fecal odor control, hard to examine urine color

(Disclaimer: I am using the Blue Buffalo Multi-Cat Ultra Odor Control, the yellow one)



When I bought this litter, my expectations were not high. I was looking for a new eco-friendly litter as the wheat one I had been using wasn't doing a good job of controlling urine odor. I went with this litter as it not only contained extra enzymes for odor control, but was an eco-friendly litter that did not take precious food out of human sources as it is made from discarded walnut shells. The fact that Petco offers 15% off the 14lbs bag was a bonus as well. 


I am pleasantly surprised at how wonderful this litter is. 


It has a lovely earthy smell that dissipates after pouring it into the litter box, so don't worry about it stinking up a room. The texture is like that of clay litter, but the grains are bigger yet lighter and more dirt-like. There was a little reddish brown dust that poofed up as I poured the bag and it clung to the sides of the box a bit, but it's honestly such a negligible amount that it doesn't bother me. When you scoop and shake, there is no dust that flies off, just the crumbs returning to the box. 


It does track, but not as badly as clay litter. A good litter mat prevents it from getting very far. The old wheat litter we had got everywhere even with the mat. Clay litter is even worse. 


The clumps are firm and well shaped. Urine doesn't touch the bottom of the pan (if you use the right amount of litter).


It is also wonderful at covering urine odor. The old litter we had would allow the whole room to reek of urine after our Manx went. This litter does the job, you can't smell the urine/ammonia until you scoop it out and/or bring the scoop close to your face. The clumps don't release odor as they sit in the trash can either. 


It does an okay job at covering fecal odor. You can't smell the feces in the room, but once you stick your head into the box to scoop, it hits you. But I am biased, as my cat refuses to cover his feces, so that may be why. I'm sure if your cat covers their feces, then it would do a better job of covering the smell.


My cat also took to it immediately. It must be the earthy smell and dirt-like texture that reminds him of the outdoors.


My only complaint is the price. But it's a sacrifice I'd be willing to make if it means an odor free box and happy cat. The dark color may also prevent you from spotting any discolored urine or blood.



All in all, this is a fantastic litter that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good eco-friendly litter. 


Pros: Natural, does not over clump, does not get stuck in polydactyl kitten's paws, longer lasting

Cons: Has yeasty smell 24/7, dusty, kitten treks it all over floor (despite mat being under litter box), does not seal in bad smells

A Blue Buffalo rep was in the pet store the night my boyfriend and I got supplies before picking up our kitten from the rescue a few days later.  She told us she used to use basic litter, but that after having 3+ cats, she switched to Blue Buffalo and became a sales rep for the company because she believes in the food and cat litter so much.


We were sold on the litter after being told some clumping litters end up getting stuck in cats paws, causing infection, which we didn't want to risk considering our little Monty is polydactyl on all 4 paws, and that Blue Buffalo was all natural and thus, did not get stuck at all.


While the product is all natural, and boasts no odd smell, it totally smells weird--yeasty almost.  It isn't a super unpleasant smell, but if your box is in a room that has limited ventilation, it is definitely a nasty smell after a while--it just lingers.  My kitten has GI issues and, thus, very stinky poos.  Unfortunately, the mix of the litter's odd yeasty smell just made Monty's poo smell EVEN worse too.  After changing to a new litter, I have been very relieved that the odd smell is now not in my home.  Moreover, the little pieces of the litter are easily trekked all over the house, leaving dusty, crumbly pieces of walnut shells all over.  We were vacuuming the room every other day while using this litter, despite there being a matt under our kitten's litter box designed to catch litter before it is able to be trekked all over.


Pros: No artifical smells, tracks less than clay, lasts a long time, do not have to dump the whole box, does not stick to the bottom/corners of the box

Cons: At first it discolored my white cats paw fur, now it does not seem to do that

I started using this litter when I meet a Blue Rep in a pet store. I was using a pine litter. Good value for the price.  The price is higher that some other litters, but I use much less and never have to dump the entire box.  If I added up what I spent with the pine and previous clay I spend much less with the Blue. I use the Multi-Cat unscented. It tracks a little, but I have nice mats in front of my boxes and it mostly stays on them. It tracks much less than pine or clay.  I like the smell and it controls odor well.  I scoop at least 4 times daily so I do not know how it would control odor if not scooped regularly. Safe, natural, compostable, and flushable.


Overall Great Product! You will save money in the long run by just having to top of the box and not entirely dumping it.


Pros: Low dust, low tracking, excellent odor control, easy transition for the cats

Cons: The little dust that tracks is dark brown

Blue Buffalo walnut based litter is the best "natural" non-clay litter that I've found, partly because it's the only one my cats will even use. I filled one box with this litter and kept their usual litter in all the other boxes. The cats all started using the new litter immediately, so no gradual transition was necessary.

There is a little dust if I pour the litter into the litterbox too fast, but it settles quickly, and not much dust gets stirred up when the kitties are digging or when I scoop. The dust is dark brown, which I know bothers some people, but it's not an issue for me. I find I can just brush it off my furniture, which is much better than trying to remove concrete-hard clay paw prints without damaging the wood finish.

The instructions on the bag say to let the urine clumps set for 15 minutes before scooping. I think they do set up hard faster than that, but they will crumble a bit if you scoop too soon. I have one cat who likes to pee against the side or corner of the box. Clumps will stick to the box but a sharp tap on the outside pops them right off without leaving a residue.

Odor control is excellent and very fast, even for my one cat who rarely covers. It may have something to do with the fact that the litter pulls the moisture from kitty poop very quickly.

Note: This review is for the multi-cat clumping variety only. The regular clumping litter does not rate nearly as well in the areas of dust, tracking, or odor control.


Pros: quick solid clumps, nice "woodsy" smell, odor control, cats like it, fewer litter box changes

Cons: dusty, more expensive, tracks like crazy

This is a fantastic product.  My cats like it and it did not even need to go through the breaking in of mixing litter.


If you follow the directions completely,  you will not have to fully change over the litter for about 30 days as it states.  The cat using the litter box will not smell up your home if they cover their business.  The smell of the litter is a nice kind of "new cut wood" smell, not perfumed or strong.


People coming to my home cannot smell litter box odor and when I have been away and come home my home does not smell bad or like a cat box is even there.  The clumping does take a few minutes like 3 to 5 but the clumps do form and are easily dealt with.


My cats are finicky and sometimes changing something takes some doing but not with this litter.  They went right to it and used it immediately.


To make a short summary,  it is a good litter, and will be getting a full thumbs up from my cats and myself.  The dust problem is more than the advertising left me expecting and they say on the bag that it does not track.  The fact is that it is dusty, but I am asthmatic and it does not seem to bother me or my asthma.  It just needs a little sweeping.  The cats DO track it but to be fair, I do not think there is a track proof litter to be had anywhere.

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Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter

Blue Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Clumping Cat LitterBlue Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter is a major advance in cat litter. A proprietary blend of the fibrous materials found only in walnut shells is proven to neutralize odor better than any other multi-cat litter. Our super-absorbent formula produces hard clumps within 15 minutes, which makes clean up simple and mess free. At least two times the odor control of other leading multi-cat litters. Unlike clay litter, which often throws off silica dust, Blue Naturally Fresh is virtually dust free so you and your cat can breathe easier. Blue Naturally Fresh does not stick to your cat's paws so it's less likely to be tracking throughout the house.

BrandBlue Buffalo
Feature100% natural walnut-based cat litter Provides superior odor control Virtually no dust and low tracking Faster & harder clumping for easier scooping
LabelBlue Buffalo
ManufacturerBlue Buffalo
PublisherBlue Buffalo
StudioBlue Buffalo
TitleBlue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter, 26-lb bag
Size26 lbs.
DepartmentPet Supplies
ProductGroupPet Products
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Item Height3.5 inches
Item Length22 inches
Item Weight26.2 pounds
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