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Bench & Field Holistic Natural Feline Treats

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Pros: Lots of protein, anchovies and sardines are the first ingredients

Cons: Buddy doesn't go as crazy for them as he does for Temptations

Got these as a Christmas gift from a family member to my cat, Buddy. They're all natural treats made of sardines and anchovies, and they come in little fish shapes. The ingredients are the aforementioned fish, chicken meal, salmon meal, eggs, and then a bunch of fruits and vegetables including apples, beets, cranberries, tomatoes, carrots, etc. The Bench & Field treats are moist and apparently healthier than Temptations, which are like kitty crack but probably not exactly healthy. Buddy, my cat, likes these Bench & Field treats, so I mix them in with Temptations.


Pros: My cats love them, they're cheap at Trader Joe's, more natural than many other treats, no really bad ingredients.

Cons: Has some grains and veggies that are unnecessary, many jars come with a lot of pieces crushed to dust.

All three of my cats love these, so that is a plus. The number one ingredient is anchovy and sardine meal. They would rather eat these than an actual sardine I gave them... the little buggers! These don't have byproducts and it is naturally preserved with rosemary like some other pet treats. It is made in the USA. Down side is that there are a lot of ingredients. If your cat has food allergies or sensitivities these might not be good. It has grains (brown rice and oatmeal), chicken meal and several kinds of fish meal/oil, fruits, veggies, strange spices like cinnamon and peppermint, added vitamins/minerals, and probiotics. I stopped giving them to my one cat that has stomach issues for that reason, and have cut back the other cats rations a bit too since I am trying to get the crunch-addicts off from kibble.

I was going to copy the ingredient list from their website, but it actually doesn't match what is listed on the bottle. The website has a much shorter ingredient list than the bottles.

The jars are always packed to the very rim with treats, some get pulverized in the process though. They will last a long time given sparingly (as all treats like these should be probably). I noticed there are several places online where they are being sold at a very big markup... $6-9+ a bottle. If you are willing to spend that much, you would be better off getting some of the 100% meat freeze dried treats instead of these I think. But for $3 and given sparingly they are pretty good.
Bench & Field Holistic Natural Feline Treats

Holistic Natural Feline Treats, omega enriched with Menhaden oil. A wholesome healthy treat for daily feeding. All natural, no by products. Cats love this product. Bench and field is an all natural holistic product made with natural and organic ingredients. Our formulas are made with protein rich meats. We are dedicated to improving the quality of dogs and cats life’s, through the enduring principles of good nutrition. We use researched based holistic supplements that include prebiotics, probiotics, and antioxidants. Every ingredient performs a function in the overall wellness and health of the pet.

BrandBench & Field
FeatureAll natural with added vitamins and minerals
LabelBench & Field
List Price$30.60
ManufacturerBench & Field
Package Quantity6
Product GroupGrocery
Product Type NameGROCERY
PublisherBench & Field
StudioBench & Field
TitleBench & Field Holistic Natural Feline Treats, 3-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6)
Weight18 Ounces
Number Of Items6
Release Date2009-01-13
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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