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Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Clumping Cat Litter

71% Positive Reviews
Rated #6 in Litter


Pros: Natural, no dust, very little smell

Cons: A bit more expensive

I have been trying all types of litter for months.  We live in a smallish trailer, with 3 cats and 3 small dogs.  With 4 litter boxes, smell is an issue, and we were having some issues in this area.  This stuff is awesome.  I don't smell the boxes even when I am cleaning them.  Also, my housemate has COPD, and the clay stuff was very dusty and bothered her.  It's also great when it comes time to empty a box....because it is corn, it is biodegradable.  I just empty it around the trees in my backyard and it disappears in a few weeks, and probably fertilizes the trees somewhat in the process.  It's also much lighter to carry.  And the best part....the cats like it!!


Between this litter, and a transition to a raw diet....litter boxes are no big deal in our house.


Pros: Smells good and clumps real good.

Cons: Cost

It does fight odor better than most I have tried. Cats seem to like using it most.


Pros: Smells nice. Last LONG! (Lives up to its name)

Cons: A little dusty.

I have tried several of the A&H clumping litters. This is by far the best I've used.  It clumps the poop really fast and almost instantly gets rid of the smell.  However, when your cat pees..  then be sure to wait at least 30 minutes before scooping as it will break into tiny clumps.  I found that by waiting and then gently scooping the bottom of the box, the pee will clump in one large (ball).  My male cat tends to hold his pee all day and when he goes, it is a lot.  If I wait long enough, it forms a ball (about the size of a baseball) and if I'm not too aggressive with the scooper, it will stay in tact so that I can just toss it away.


This litter does have a little bit of dust.  If you are "gentle" when scooping, this keeps the dust down to a minimum.


As for changing the litter. I only do a complete change once a month.  However, I do clean out the box about 3 times a day (because I simply want my kitties to have a clean place to do their business.  I add about 1 cup of litter every three days to the box... 


Overall, this litter is excellent.


Pros: absorbs odor, fine, easy to sift

Cons: pricy

This is one of my favourite litters - the baking soda in it absorbs odors well, and it served us relatively well even when my boyfriend used to only scoop once a week. It's fine and easy to sift and not very dusty. I haven't found any problems with the smell of the litter, but it is a bit more expensive than I'm willing to spend regularly.


Pros: less dust

Cons: doesnt clump as well as has in the past

my cats dealt with it ok

that's the fastest they ever used it


Pros: clumps well

Cons: strong citrus odor

People at arm & hammer got stupid. Knowledgeable cat people know that citrus smell is a deterrent 2 cats.


Pros: Fresh Scent, Very Fine Scoops

Cons: Price

After seeing the commercial for the new Arm & Hammer  Ultra Last "Works even when you can't scoop, every granule coated in baking soda" and I was at the store to buy my normal litter (Tidy cats scoop), and there was a $2.00 off coupon on the box of the A & H Ultra Last- so I sprung for it.


Best money I ever spent on litter! It is amazing and really works as it says. We never ever smell the litter box, even when it is full- Plus it is fine like sand, and clumps nicely. Plus it has a fresh scent.

Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Clumping Cat Litter

Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Clumping Cat Litter - from petco.comArm & Hammer Ultra Last Clumping Cat Litter provides powerful long-lasting odor control that keeps working even when you can't scoop. Each litter granule is coated with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda PLUS powerful odor destroyers to keep your home smelling fresh all day. This highly effective formula, with baking soda coated granules and special odor neutralizers, continuously eliminates even the worst litter box odors to deliver odor control. Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Clumping Cat Litter is Arm & Hammers longest lasting litter and helps keep your home smelling fresh and clean.99% dust free & low trackingEasy to scoop, hard clumps

BrandArm & Hammer
FeatureFresh scent refreshes litter every time your cat uses the box
Height12 inches
Length13 inches
Width5.5 inches
LabelArm & Hammer
List Price$16.56
ManufacturerArm & Hammer
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPet Products
Product Type NamePET_SUPPLIES
PublisherArm & Hammer
StudioArm & Hammer
TitleArm & Hammer Ultra Last Clumping Cat Litter, 28 lbs.
Weight31 pounds
Size28 lbs.
Part Number02283
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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