Advantage II is one of the best products for flea control for cats and dogs

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Advantage II Flea Control for Cats

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Red Top Rescue
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Pros: Very safe, one of only two that can be used prior to surgery, easy topical application

Cons: oily residue for a few hours, strong odor until dry; Cat size doses are too expensive for multiple cat households

As a rescue group, we appreciate flea products that are identical for cats and dogs, and Advantage II is one of the two.  The dose is determined by the weight of the animal, whether it is a cat or a dog, so we always buy the Extra Large Dog size (4.0 ml. tubes), each of which contains ten times the average size cat dose.  We have a weight/dose chart and divide doses using a syringe to measure and administer the flea product.  We feel it works better than the other name brand product that is the same for cats and dogs (Frontline Plus).  Rarely we have had cats that have skin sensitivities to the Advantage, and for them we will use the Frontline as it is less irritating and does not have the same strong smell.  We have used Advantage for many years with good results and no problems.

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Agreed! I switched to Advantage II because a lot of the fleas in our area are resistant to Frontline. It's cheaper and works much better for me. I actually use Advantage Multi now because we started getting mosquitoes inside the house, and it works really well too.