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9 Lives Indoor Complete

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Pros: Cheap

Cons: My cat hated it to the point of vomiting, leading to his eventual death.

In November of 2012, I needed to buy cat food and bought this for the first time only because I had a $1 coupon. Turned out to be the most expensive coupon of my life.


None of my cats liked it, but my boy ate it anyway because he was hungry. That night, he threw up. I don't know if the food was bad or if he just didn't like it. His two sisters ate some without a problem but likewise didn't like it.


I didn't think too much of his throwing up until he did it again the next night. That morning I called the vet to make an appointment, and my poor cat vomited again before I could get him to the vet.


The vet misdiagnosed him as having "Pancreatitis" and sent me home with some antibiotics. He refused to eat the 9-Lives and I wasn't about to force it on him. I gave him the antibiotics, but two days later he vomited again (he may have tried eating the 9-Lives again). So I took him to a different vet for a second opinion. The second vet misdiagnosed him as having CANCER.


Long story short, thousands of dollars lately, it took an autopsy to find he died of a simple treatable stomach ulcer (likely caused by the frequent vomiting of food he didn't like.)


The previous reviews are not wrong. This food is an argument for needing a rating lower than zero.

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9 Lives Indoor Complete

9Lives Indoor Complete cat food is specially formulated with an Advanced Nutrient System to help indoor cats maintain their ideal weight and digestive health. Made with delicious cuts of real salmon and chicken, and enriched with essential vitamins and the taste of garden greens, it's everything your indoor cat needs to thrive inside.

Brand9 Lives
FeatureEasy litter box cleanup
Label9 Lives
List Price$20.26
Manufacturer9 Lives
Package Quantity3
Product GroupGrocery
Product Type NameGROCERY
Publisher9 Lives
Studio9 Lives
Title9 Lives Indoor Complete, 3.15-Pound Bags (Pack of 3)
Number Of Items3
Publication Date2010-09-18
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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