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I've tried just about every "self-cleaning" litter box there is and spent more money of them than I want to remember. Every one of them jams sooner or later (mostly sooner) and then you have to get the clumps off the rake or whatever, yuck. Even scooping isn't as nasty as that. And you have to buy little plastic containers over and over which clutter up the landfill. Then I found the Litter Robot about 7 years ago. IT NEVER JAMS!!!! The plastic bag liners are the regular 10 or 13 gallon garbage bags you can buy anywhere or you can just wash out the poopy drawer once a week with a garden hose. I have had mine for 7 years, it has never jammed,  the warranty is fantastic (where else can you sent it back up to 30 days if your cat won't touch it?) and the customer service is second to none. They now make one from recycled materials also and one that is larger than the original one, it has a clear window in the back which mine does not have. 
I adopted a cat who was 5 years old who would not even LOOK at a covered box and I got him to use it although it took some sneaky ways to convince him. Now he won't use anything else as this one is always clean even though there is another box that is not automatic which he used to use, not anymore. He weighs a good 19 lbs plus, just a big alley cat (yeah, that's him on the avatar picture) and although the Robot does not look that it could accommodate him it obviously is bigger on the inside than it looks. I wish I had stock in that company. You may want to check this one out, and yes, I've had a Littermaid too. › Anne › Litter and Stuff