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I am so, so sorry.  You did everything humanly possible and the kitten knew it was cared for and surrounded by love in its last moments.  You must not feel guilty for this.  Some lives are just not meant to be and being enclosed in the arms of someone who loves them is a blessing beyond words. 
 I just wanted to remind you of something you hopefully already know - you are not alone right now.   My heart goes out to you for this sadness. 
  I was with you right up until you called the cats "tubs of lard."  You are kidding, right?   Because it's really not their fault that they are obese. 
I'm so glad to hear that you took her to the vet.  Did he give you any antibiotics to give her at home?  I'm really sorry to hear what he said about her chances of survival.  Still, members here have had kittens come back from the brink to thrive and grow into healthy adults.  I will definitely be sending out best wishes and hopes for this dear little girl.    @talkingpeanut makes a good point.  What did the vet say about keeping the gangrene from spreading?   Is the...
 I felt discouraged and saddened by Trump's response as well.  It wasn't just the lack of compassion or care for the people struggling with health care expenses that bothered me, although that bothered me enormously.  It was the way he blamed Democrats.  Obviously, the law would have passed if the Republicans agreed but they didn't and so it didn't pass either.  The Democrats had nothing to do with it and everyone knows it.  It wasn't the Democrats being given concessions...
The kitten may die from this, in fact, she probably will if it's left untreated. She's tiny and lacks an immune system strong enough to fight the bacterial infection.  If the vet can't see her today, see if he will at least agree to let you pick up the antibiotic.  Take the picture of the kitten's paw to show him how serious it is.  Bacteria can move very, very quickly within a little kitten's system - you may have only a few hours before antibiotics can no longer overcome...
Ramage - boughs of a tree
That video is heartwarming, watching that little mite eating so well.   It sounds like she's improved over yesterday.   You're doing a great job with her.
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