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My all-in-one printer.  I have thousands of 35 mm slides and prints that I want to scan into the computer.   So far I've done about 25.    Name something near you that was a gift from a dear friend or family member.
Got both right today.  Both the videos are really heartwarming.
The vacuum cleaner.   Name something near you that someone else has complimented you on in the past.
 Huh. I did not know about that.  Thank you!   Fingers crossed that it actually works!  
It varies.  Sometimes it will be two posts in a row after which there will be four or five that work perfectly.  Five is about as long as it goes before the cursor takes off on its own again.     About locking the trackpad - I'm on a Mac and system preferences doesn't give that option.  I've not been using the trackpad for about several weeks though so would expect it to be related to the mouse, if anything.
I honestly don't know.  I'd like to say "yes" but am not sure that I would should the situation actually arise.   Would you ever adopt a senior cat with health problems?
It has happened to me using my laptop with the trackpad and with a mouse.   I use Firefox or Chrome and have had problems in both.     I wasn't going to say anything because the new platform is coming but just recently it has gotten very bad. 
For the last couple of weeks, my cursor has periodically jumped to the beginning of a post while I am in the process of writing it.  The problem is that after it does this, it will only allow me to continue writing at the beginning of the post, rather than at the end.  Using this post as an example, it is as though my cursor jumped up to the word "For" at the beginning and anything I wrote after that will only show up at that point.  It doesn't matter if I move the cursor...
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