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If I understand this right, two things changed right before she stopped eating.  1.  Her metronidazole and Zylkene prescriptions came to an end and 2.  You put a Seresto flea collar on her.   It seems the problem must relate to either one of those two, or to the stress colitis itself.   The easiest thing of those three to modify is the flea collar, so I'd take it off her.  I don't know much about the Seresto flea collars in particular but flea collars in general do not...
Congratulations on your new cat tree!!!      Thank you for taking us along - I enjoyed the journey.    Better you than me.  Heh heh.       It might take awhile for the kitties to realize how much more wonderful their lives have just become but don't worry.  They'll figure it out.   And definitely, sprinkle or spray with catnip like @Raina21suggests.
"I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday.  Everybody said it wouldn't last!"  
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It's really too bad that you don't live near me in Maryland.  I have one of those that I would give you in a heartbeat.  For some reason, Paul and Chula have no interest in it, although they do like other track toys.     Since you are interested in track toys,  you might consider the Bergan Turbo Scratcher toy:   Cat Site Reviews:...
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