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I would still talk to the vet about it being put in the freezer. Would hate for this to be sent off if the results may not be accurate.
I'd contact the vet and find out if freezing is acceptable. I believe refrigeration is ok, but not sure about freezing. As for cleaning... An ammonia solution is needed to properly sanitize an area of Coccidia. A bleach solution sanitizes an area of Giardia
Wanted to give everyone another update on Milo. He returned to the cardiologist this past Wednesday for a 6 month recheck. His abdominal distention had completely disappeared about 2 months ago (over about a 3 week period) and he has more energy. I went in thinking they do the echo recheck, possibly an abdominal u/s and basically give him the all clear....that didn't happen. So, we now know the cause of Milo's enlarged heart and liver. He has been diagnosed with Ateial...
If he is matted badly enough, I'd go for the shave. However, if not that bad, you could inquire about just a trim to shorten the length.
Best to not allow any jumping/climbing for a full 7 days after a spay. While routine, a spay is a major abdominal surgery and there can be complications from moving around too much or being too active.We opt to crate all of our females in a large wife dog crate for the full 7 days in order to limit their activity. The week goes by quick and it is always harder on *us* than it is on them.For neuters, we confine/restrict activity for 3 full days.
I think your options for right now are to either provide her litter box access inside or clean up messes. She may start back going outside eventually or she may not. Only time will tell. Litter box placement can't always be for our benefit. I personally have two large sterilite tub litter boxes in my bedroom. Is it the ideal thing for *me* But, it's what works for my cats right now.
It depends on how much canned food they get. If they only get a 3 oz can, this is typically 80-100 kcals. Most cats need 200-230 kcals per day. So, this would mean that only half of their diet is balanced. If they are getting a 5.5 oz can of wet (150-200 kcals) and you're just supplementing with the meat you are likely ok.
If more than 10% of the overall diet is unbalanced, this could very well be the issue, especially if it is fed for more than 5 days.
@Graceful-Lily is the diet you are feeding balanced? If you are only feeding raw meat, this doesn't have all the vitamins/minerals he needs and this could certainly contribute to him being underweight if he is.
@withabrick Is there a reason your cat cannot sleep in the room with you?
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