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Happy you were able to get him to the vet! Getting him hydrated can do wonders. Please keep us posted!
Try enticing him to eat with some Gerber all meat baby food (stage 2 Chicken& Chicken gravy, Turkey & Turkey gravy or Beef & Beef Gravy). Make sure the food does not contain garlic or onion. Feed him small quantities. Get him some unflavored Pedialyte and syringe this to him every 30 minutes. Put honey on his gums to help give him a boost of energy. The above mentioned is temporary TLC care. I want to reiterate that he needs veterinary care. No one on the internet can...
I do not believe this is something he can wait a week for treatment for, especially since he has been getting progressively worse over the last few days. You *MUST* find a way to get him to a vet. Pawn jewelry or anything you are able to. If you cannot get him to a vet and he continues to decline, you will need to surrender him to a shelter, vet or rescue. I know that is NOT what you want to hear.
Also, see if you qualify for Care Credit. You would have funds available immediately if you do. (Link posted above).
Try contacting your nearest animal shelter, Humane Society and rescue groups. They oftentimes have funds set aside for individuals that are in need of assistance like you.
Yes, good to get a second opinion. Preferably from a vet with special interest in cats (a lot of vets today still want to treat cats like little dogs). I haven't heard of using Flonase; however, I have used an Afrin solution (10 parts saline (Little Noses unmedicated) to 1 part regular strength Afrin). This mixture should only be used for 3 consecutive days. One dose per day. I much prefer saline and this can be used as frequently as needed. Most cats that present with...
You need to find away to get him to the vet. I worry he may have an obstruction and, if this is the case, he needs vet care ASAP. Do you have friends or family that could loan you money? Have you tried applying for CareCredit?
@Crazy4Strays They're $5.99 on Robbins plus you get the option to pick colors (pending what's in stock)! Can't remember what shipping cost is, but is way cheaper than EBay and Amazon!
They mostly sell online. Check out
@yellowdog While a harness is great for use walking cats, it is not suggested for use on cats that are outside unsupervised as the harness is much more likely to get hung on an object and the cat wouldn't be able to free itself. This could be potentially catastrophic. This is why breakaway collars were invented. My cats are indoors-only, but I much prefer the Beastie Bands as they will slide off in the event they get hung/caught on something.
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