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Hi  mrsgreensjeens,   Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.   There must be someone out there who has come across this situation..............share your experience?????
Hi, Our beloved Stan (domestic shorthaired tabby, male) was recently injured (we don't know how), and sustained an injury at the base of his tail. A veterinary x-ray showed there was no skeletal injury, but a lack of passing of urine or faeces showed there may be nerve damage and the prognosis was that if he did not recover enough to control his own bowel movements, he may have to be "put to sleep" or at best he may recover, but may have to have his tail...
Hi, New member here; found the site after a web search looking for help regarding one of our four cats having taken to "pooing" outside the litter tray in all sorts of different places. I had never heard the term "middening" despite our daughter being a veterinary nurse. The cat in question is female, six years old and dislikes going outside, to the point of being virtually a "house cat", and as such has a litter tray permanently. Currently, we seem to have solved...
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