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  I hope it's not. They can be buttheads. I'm going to Atlantic City on Thursday, so I'm planning to call Petcos along the way and see if they have any left in stock. But eventually, they'll have to transition... oh well.
  They're rebranding all of it. Although the pate appears to be about the same.
Hey, y'all. Long time no post... I've had the occasional lurk here and there, but life here in the big apple has been crazy!     As someone who works a lot of hours and doesn't have a steady schedule day to day, I've explained before that making the switch to all wet or raw just isn't feasible for us right now. I have 2 big tabby boys -- Harvey is now 2, and Crumb is now 3! (Time flies!) During the day, they have access to Merrick's Before Grain Chicken dry food, and...
I don't know if cats can get those! But it was my first thought. I also got him some cat grass and a vitamin treat (that I have to force him to eat, grr) that is supposed to encourage good digestive bacteria. My boyfriend kept telling me not to over react... my first reaction was to wrap him in a cat burrito and haul him to the evet in the middle of the night!
No puke today so far. Pooping and peeinh normally. We washed every water dish and food dish and have him extra of his favorite wet food. Will keep everyone updated.
I mean, its always possible. He isnt the one who usually chews on foreign objects (Harvey digs out and chews on trash), but nothing is impossible. My boyfriend works from our home but he is on a crazy deadline right now... Crumb appears to be using the litter robot normally. I'm already out the door and working a double... I don't have a day or night off until Friday. He is still playful and bright eyed... wrestling with his brother all morning over the cat dancer.
Hey, all.   So while I've been working like a madman, apparently my poor Crumb has not been well. He is normally not a pukey guy -- he is almost 3 and I can count on both hands the times he's vomited prior to this weekend -- but for the past couple of days, he has been puking up his food. No white foam, no extra wretching, no lethargy, no lack of appetite. Just yellow creamy puke, sometimes containing whole pieces of kibble. The first time he threw up it literally...
I got a couple of better shots.   I think the yellowing is from the blood, where ever it may be...  It looks like the quick was exposed then capped over. He really seems unfazed by me messing with it directly or the skin around it.           Forgive my own gross nail. In between manicures. This one shows the weird white bump on top, which is the only thing I find questionable.
Hey, all! Long time no post.   As evidenced by my lack of involvement other than the occasional lurk, I've been working a lot lately. When I went to give Crumb his triweekly nail trim tonight, I was shocked to discover one of his back claws was badly damaged. He hasn't been limping, bleeding, or complaining at all! He didn't even complain when I touched it. It seems to still be encased, but while the rational part of me assumes he probably got it stuck somewhere and...
    Harvey Crumbmas! :D
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