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Vinnie! He loves it. ^^  Unlike Misa who just does this... Notice the difference.. :(
Intersing video, but I don't agree eeryting this lady said. She said that people who have pets spayed or neutered are irresponsible. What?
He's cute!!! :)
I walking one of my sisters' cats Friday and me and Vinnie happen to be walking on the sidewalk. It ws actually pretty cool. Then he started to walk in the street! I put him back on the sidewalk off camera. And him after we went  our mini walk on the sidewalk
Say Ah Francis !
Not a clear one, but here. This is when I use to have platy's
This is so cute!! <3
Hi! I'm going to be out of town for a few days this weekend and I wont be hoe a lot and  was just wondering for those who leave dry food out for your cats how do yo get to leave dry food out for them? Thanks
1. What kind of box or boxes you have.          I only have a plan square littler box for my cat. :) 2. What type of litter do you use (please mention clumping or non-clumping, crystals or other).           I normally use fresh step litter because I like the text and smell of the litter whenever I put new litter in.      3. How often do you scoop?         I only clean the litter box on a weekly bases or til the litter gets too dirty. LOL I know I'm bad. I should...
Aww! It looks like one of them cold be a MEkong bobtail
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