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Happy Halloween! =D
Haha I like the first two videos. :D 
Aww! Pictures are good to not just videos. :D
I got plenty of Misa. <3      
This is my favorite picture of my twin sisters kitten Spock.. And my favorite pictures of my big sisters 3 cats. Francis, Vinnie and Salma    
The only one I got of them in a ball.   An a old picture of Misa from 2011
I think I got at least 4 videos of the cat kneading. Two are from Misa and two from Spock.. Misa suckling/kneading And Spock making bisuits....
Thanks guys for the reponse. FYI this wasn't the first time he went to Petco and petsmart. He actually enjoys going to those places. He's been going to those places since he was 2 months old and he is very dog like. We actually avoid dogs and his carrier is around at all times every time we go out. I'm not going to get a muzzle for him and if I do it will only be at he vet when he gets shots. Not when we go to pet blessing or other places. My other cat on the other hand...
Hi. The other day at petco, my sisters kitten Spock attacked me aggressively twice on my arm all because a stupid dog owner let go of the dogs leash after I told him to please keep your dog away from the cat. FYI the cat was on his harness when it happen and I was about to put on the leash. So now I'm considering on getting a muzzle for him whenever we go out to places where there will be other animals around for now on to warn people that he may bite you especially with...
Yeah we had a good time. We were going to stay there a little longer and put him in the carrier once it got too crowed so he won't get overwhelmed..
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