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Thanks guys! I got a recent picture of Spocks brother Banshee and Mini Me. You can't really see Mini Me's face though. He just turn 10 months but this was taken a few months ago.    
I took a picture of these two kitten yesterday. Their names were Oscar Glass(Left her sister got adopted yesterday. :( ) and Glen(right). The one on the right got adopted yesterday,  
A few weeks ago, I was soaking dishes and I took this video of Spock on the counter. XD     
Thats a nice tll scracher In a few year, I might get a new scratching post for the cats(mainly Spock) because the one we got is getting destroyed.
    ^ I think he died. ;)
She has a bald spot under her belly that never went away and her fur is very soft. She also has some thining hair b her hind legs at the bottom. It's not very shiny though.
Those are so sweet! xo   My two don't hug. They fight. They only hug me... XD However, does this count as hugging?
Very first picture of spock with his sibling who was killed. Spock is the kitten in the back.   And here is Misa's first photo from when she was at the shelter in 2010. I adopted her on February 27th 2011
Wet and sometimes dry. She gets dry as a snack though, but not everyday. Occasionally she gets raw chicken
Aww. These are all great pictures. I wish I submitted mine.
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