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I never heard of spay/neutering rodents ever! Interesting
This is so cute Karen! <3The 2 enemies of my sisters cats Francis and Salma would snugle sometimes. :P Now Salma hates Vinnie and Vinnie LOVES cats. :(However, I did caught Vinnie and Salma sleeping together for a bit when I was cat-sitting.
Disagree! My friend is HIV + and I have Lupus( the blood problem of it) and we do NOT have problems when an animal bites or scratch us.
Super cute kitties!!!
Misa is 13 Ibs! She's a bit overweight. I want her to lose at least 4 Ibs!
Misa. :D
I went to the Unleashed petco today at Misa weigh 13 Ibs! o.o I wanted her to get down to at least 9-10 Ibs as suggested by the vet. Right now, I'm currently cutting back the dry, feed her only twice a day with wet, and playing with her more. >< I weigh her a few weeks ago and she was still 13 Ibs.
Haha they sure look grumpy. XD
So cute guys!! Misa close ups. <3 <3 <3   I got a lot more of her close up, but we won't get to them today. :)
Oh man I like them all, but I choose 5 so whatever. LOL
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