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How little! Who is the awesome mom?
He's 3 months old as of June 23rd. TeheeIt's weird because Misa doesn't play with any  of her toys except a few "simple" ones.
He's a cutie! How old is he?
Today are Spocks siblings 3 month birthday! They were born on April 5th! Banshee is the tabby, Snow White is the shorhaired black and White and Mini Me is the long haired black and White kitty. Banshee and Mini Me stay together at the foster home and Snow White went to a home with 2 dogs!
BOL!!!! Vulcan? I have another cat too at home and her name is Misa. She's the kitty in my avatar!
Misa came from the shelter. ^_^ She is super sweet, just isn't sure about the kitten especially at play time..
Hi guys! So a little over a month ago, this little kitten came to my life. His name is Spock and he's 3 months. Right now he is a foster, but will get adopted by my twin sister once he s neutered. So he will be staying here. :D
FYI please don' put pets for adoption free. This will prey on people who will most likely use her for snake food, dog fighters etc. Instead, provide an adoption fee. Is she spayed? Has all of her claws? Maybe she could use a buddy while you are nursing or go to you room and feed him?
This is super cute. ^.^
Happy belted 4th guys!! <3 Hope they are doing well. 
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