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That is so sweet how close Carly wants to be to Cory. I'm not an expert - or even an amateur, really, lol! - in introducing cats, but I know that cats have 14x our sense of smell, so I can say with absolute certainty that Chance knows those cats are there! Has he actually seen them with his eyes yet? I'd say you're definitely ready for scent exchanges since Chance seems so calm about the newcomers. I hope this is an omen for a very smooth transition!!! How old...
Quote: Originally Posted by Momto3boys Cat right dog wrong! WOW! About the dog.
Quote: Originally Posted by orangeishcat I got into it right before A Feast for Crows came out. SO AMAZINGLY GOOD. I can't wait for A Dance with Dragons!! YAY!!!! And me either!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Natalie_ca Since the beginning. Maybe me reading the book along with the series is helping me.
It is, a bit! Especially when I started the book (I'm following along with the TV episodes on HBO streaming. I'm one of those annoying have-to-read-the-book-first type people ), it was all seemingly random stories, vignettes almost. But they do work together and intertwine eventually. How much have you watched?
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkMavis I love Binky's laid back 'cool dude' look. Same here! Looks like a cat I'd have a beer with!
I'm obsessed with the book, show, and soundtrack to Game of Thrones!!!!! I need a twelve-step program. I've been staying up late every night to read the books. So good! Fantasy usually isn't my thing, but I'm really into this. Anyone else a fan?
That pic of Ollie is precious! He's so cute. Does the name Rossi come from David Rossi on Criminal Minds, by any chance?
I actually really liked Picassa.
Quote: Originally Posted by otto PS now that she's yours it's going to be agony for you to know she is in a home that you know is not ideal, until you take her home. I've been in that situation, with Queen Eva. Hang in there. You got it. On the nose.
New Posts  All Forums: