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I'm a night owl who used to work nights, and still adjusting to my new 8-5 schedule. I shower at night and I am usually in bed by 1 or 2. If I get in bed fairly early (12:30-1) I set my alarm for 6:45. If I get in bed between 1-2 I set my alarm for about 7:00-7:15. If I get in bed late (after 2) I may set it as late as 7:30-7:40 since I only live about five minutes from work. **My One Big Issue** with the snooze bar is that the sleep you get in between pressing...
THANKS EVERYONE! I am still over this picture. I love my babies so much! Quote: Originally Posted by Mystik Spiral I love how Joni's in the middle. I do too! Simon & Garfunkel have been impossibly sweet since the day they were born and I'm happy it carried over to their acceptance of Joni. Quote: Originally Posted by Winchester May I take that picture? I'd like to put it on my bulletin board here at work. It makes me...
I'm just... speechless and overjoyed. I was really wondering if they would ever truly become close enough to sleep in a kitty pile. I'm so happy. Thanks to everyone who has been rooting for our little family ever since I first said "I am NOT adopting this kitten, buuuuut..."
Both right.
Hahaha! Laurie, those are AWESOME toes! Kiss them for me! Joni has little black polkadots on the bottoms of her paws but isn't interested in posing for photos... I'll get her one day!
Thanks everyone! Garfunkel has absolutely no shame, not a drop. "Hey man, I'm a cat. This is what I do." I just nod & smile.
At work, my department just moved into a building that is still being renovated, and one of the renovations that is scheduled to be finished here in about two and a half weeks is a gym upstairs! So we are planning to work out together and maybe attend some Zumba classes. I have moderate low back pain that has caused me to miss work before, so I really need to strengthen my back muscles and lose some weight. Do you have an idea of how you'd like this to be structured?...
After consuming like 12 or 13 episodes in a 3-day period, I had to stop watching. Some of those stories really stayed with me and showed up in my dreams, lol. I want to watch some more, but I'll have to do it in moderation and follow it up with something warm & fuzzy.
Sure, Karen! I need some accountability in my eating. I'm into the Paleo diet/lifestyle, though, which is a bit different from Weight Watchers, but the motivation and inspiration/success stories part will be the same. Any other takers?
I'm more interested in knowing what people thought about the program than arguing about the sizes of shelters or the number of cats they care for. Just my opinion.
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