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A quick site search on Google yielded this thread about Simply Nourish, but I thought I'd call out that I picked up the kitten formula at Petsmart tonight. The boys are on Blue kitten formula (regular, not grain-free), and this is a bit cheaper, and weirdly seems to have fewer ingredients. Still no corn, soy, or wheat, and no by-products either. The kittens eat mostly wet food, about 4-5oz per day each now, but they nibble on kibble (!!!) during the day and overnight,...
Thanks y'all! The boys did pretty well. They got 3 vaccinations tonight - distemper & FeLV boosters, & rabies. They are all set until a routine deworming in January! They DO, however, STILL. HAVE. EAR. MITES. I paid big bucks to get them the one-time "zap" treatment three weeks ago. It didn't work. So this time I just bought the bottle medicine that I'll use for two weeks, and hopefully that takes care of it. It's frustrating because it means that Joni will...
Wish us luck!!!!! Hopefully this should be their last "new kitten" visit. Tonight they'll get the last of a booster shot (don't quite remember which one), rabies vaccine, and be examined to see if those stupid ear mites are FINALLY GONE. Let's hope so! Their first visit to the vet was okay so they didn't have any trouble going back, but they were terrified and upset after their second one - so I'm hoping all goes well today!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kailie There is no way I will ever pay for movies OR my favorite shows ever again when everything is available for download for free these days. Do you mean illegally? Too much risk involved in that. I don't want a virus OR five years in federal prison. And if you think it can't happen to you, I refer you to this video.
Quote: Originally Posted by capt_jordi capt_jordi's whole post I completely agree. It's frustrating from a pocketbook standpoint but I have never had a single problem and Netflix is something I use every single day because I don't have cable. I'm a documentary junkie and they have a huge selection. Plus, more & more things are being added to streaming, so I'm not jumping ship.
I'm not sure if there's already a thread or sticky like this - couldn't find one so I figured I'd start it! What books do you recommend for either new or veteran cat owners? About any topic - nutrition, behavior, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by jcat The "hangout" feature might be useful, too. I had a LOT of fun on hangout. I love the shared youtube video feature!!
I guess I was wrong!! Glad to know there are some bluegrass fans out there! Awesome posts sk_pacer!!! I agree. I'm a big Buddy Holly fan and it's incredible how many people he influenced. I've tried many times to introduce my friends to bluegrass but with a lot of people, they hear the twang of the banjo and tune it out immediately. Quote: Originally Posted by sk_pacer The curse of manufactured music also began there with the likes of Phil Spector,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Snuffy's Mom I guess she isn't so odd after all. Thanks for letting me know! Or, from another perspective, they're ALL odd!
Thanks. I wasn't sure if the posts had to have a spammy link in them to be able to be reported, or if they could just be fishy or weird and out-of-context. I had to laugh at this morning's post about beans. "Well..."
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