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I don't really follow anything real-time, just wolf it down in large amounts on Netflix and Hulu later. My favorites- Criminal Minds Dexter Dead Like Me (glad to see other fans here!!! ) The Office House Glee Justified Game of Thrones (just getting started) Psych Freaks and Geeks Pushing Daisies My "big ones" - my can't live without them, desert island TV shows - would be Criminal Minds, Dexter, and The Office.
Got a friend to record this on DVR for me!!
Great news to wake up to!! Congratulations Evie on your forever home, and to Heather who will have all the love she could want over the coming years!!
Quote: Originally Posted by yayi How many fishies are in the tank? Yeah - because you need to keep inventory, judging by Picasso's face in that last pic!
Hahaha!!! I love that cranky face. She is so dignified. Thank you for sharing her picture!
Woahhhhh.... I'll take Diablo, and hmm, let's see, Dexter. Yes, and Murphy too. Don't forget Baxter - oh! And throw in Pablo while you're at it! Make it a nice round order of 5 kittens.
Mom, I was framed!!!!! It was ... uhh, Jennie! Yeah yeah, Jennie! See, what had happened waaas....
Good... afternoon! Much cooler today... we had a heatwave here in the midatlantic area, heat indices were in the 115 degree range! So this 86 degrees feels like a spring day. It's also partly cloudy which helps. I had a long, relaxing weekend but I'm still exhausted this morning... it started with seeing Captain America at midnight on Thursday... I had to get up for a vet appointment Friday morning at 9am - thus started the NAP CYCLE OF DOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! I napped...
Hi nurseangel!! Welcome to your week - and good luck!!! I hope you do a better job than I did last week, and in fact I'm sure you will since I am STILL finishing up some of my questions (to be fair to myself, I did choose a week when I had a neuter appointment AND a new kitten arriving.......... anyone buying that excuse???? please?!?!??!!! ) My questions are ........... 1. Are you a Simon & Garfunkel fan? Paul Simon? Joni Mitchell? 2. I see you live...
Quote: Originally Posted by frankthetank I feel totally dumb for posting this, just so everyone knows. I just don't know anywhere else I can ask cat questions, especially as silly as this one!! This is my favorite place to ask dumb questions. We are all here for you as everyone has been there for me when I ask my own elementary questions. And this one is something that I think about all the time - my google search history is full of "Do...
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