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OH MY GOSH I love the second picture!!!!!! Such great eyes. They are awesome!
So glad y'all are enjoying the picture!!! LOL!!! I think they are pretty funny, myself Quote: Originally Posted by Winchester And they look so serious! I know!!!!!!!!!! Such cute and serious looks on their faces. Well, hey, that's why they call it "business," right?
Hmmm. Guess I'm a lone holdout who refuses to touch an e-reader. I like the feel of a book in my hand and turning the pages. It's also safer to take in the bathtub which is where I do a large portion of my reading.
Quote: Originally Posted by konstargirl Angel who's change the name now to Salma is currently 6 years old. What a great name! Quote: Originally Posted by konstargirl P.S My sister and mom aren't very happy on her getting a third cat. Oh no! Not enough room, or they just don't want another cat?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mystik Spiral Wow. If it's their "right" to reproduce, who's responsibility is it to care for all the kittens they produce? You're their owner, you allow them to exercise this "right", therefore shouldn't it be on you to make sure every baby born to them is properly cared for? Unless you are out there making sure every kitten attributable to your cats is fed, sheltered and medically sound, then you are a bad cat...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bellaandme I can't watch just one or two of your videos--I always end up watching ALL of them...again and again. My all time favorite one is still Don't Sniff Me!! Your cats have the best personalities. The camera loves them and I do too!! Yup!!! My favorite is the "YAY!" video - the 20% cooler comment gets me every time, and love the music. Two questions: 1. in the first video, what's that green thing in the...
The chair picture is PERFECT!!!! And so is Bowser. I love his grumpy, angry face - so much personality! He's awesome
In about 24 hours, I'll be bringing this pretty girl home to live with me & the boys: I am very excited about finally having her here! Just a brief background in case you missed my earlier threads: At the behest of her small children, a girlfriend of mine got this kitten from her friend's cat's litter and named her Angel. Almost from the start I had a hunch it wasn't going to work out. She kept referring to the kitten as "wild" and "aggressive" and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Draco I want to get started on brushing my cats' teeth, especially now that Picasso's getting his adult teeth in. Karen - this is off-topic, but is Picasso a girl or a boy?!??!?!?!! I keep seeing different references and I'm very confused! Also - on-topic - I too would like to begin a teeth care regimen. Very interested in seeing these answers!
The kittens know lots of tricks... pulling curtains off the window, knocking stuff over, finding my necklace in the house no matter where it is and knotting it up, getting on my very last nerve... need I go on? Quote: Originally Posted by Ducman69 Wesley knows how to make large quantities of food disappear, does that count as a magic trick?
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