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Thanks everyone! Garfunkel has absolutely no shame, not a drop. "Hey man, I'm a cat. This is what I do." I just nod & smile.
At work, my department just moved into a building that is still being renovated, and one of the renovations that is scheduled to be finished here in about two and a half weeks is a gym upstairs! So we are planning to work out together and maybe attend some Zumba classes. I have moderate low back pain that has caused me to miss work before, so I really need to strengthen my back muscles and lose some weight. Do you have an idea of how you'd like this to be structured?...
After consuming like 12 or 13 episodes in a 3-day period, I had to stop watching. Some of those stories really stayed with me and showed up in my dreams, lol. I want to watch some more, but I'll have to do it in moderation and follow it up with something warm & fuzzy.
Sure, Karen! I need some accountability in my eating. I'm into the Paleo diet/lifestyle, though, which is a bit different from Weight Watchers, but the motivation and inspiration/success stories part will be the same. Any other takers?
I'm more interested in knowing what people thought about the program than arguing about the sizes of shelters or the number of cats they care for. Just my opinion.
I gotta git me one of those! Oops, I mean, I gotta git the kittens one of those!
I was laying on my bed with the three kittens napping next to me, and looked over to see this. I just had to share it with y'all. I think Garfunkel might be dead, y'all... No, he's alive, he's just a jack. "Yup, this is the life." Poor little Joni, taking her brother's abuse Getting into a more comfortable, convenient position My sweet little maniac shows no remorse It's not exactly the snuggling, snoozing kitty pile I keep watching for, but it is pretty...
The BBQ from last night turned out... REALLY, really well. Like, amazingly yummy. Here are some pics. I can't wait to get started on the recipes in this thread! Bubbling... at this point the smell was soooo tantalizing. (I know I shouldn't open the lid while it's cooking but I just haaaad to!!!) Finished product, which I pulled apart - with a spoon mind you! - and ate on a sammich. I had a piece cold today for lunch and they were equally yummy and tender.
Just thought I'd make everyone jealous Carb overload this morning includes boston creme donuts (REALLY good ones), chocolate cake donuts, maple donuts with nuts, and other goodies! I'm partial to the boston creme so I'm sticking with 2 of those - one I've already eaten, and one I'll be ready to eat in... oh, another 3 hours from now, after the first round of sugar wears off.
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it. I will get my food bill under control if it's the last thing I do! I decided to go with a really, really simple recipe for my first try - it's here - barbecue chicken! I've already copied & pasted the recipes here into a document, so they'll be ready when I'm ready! Winchester, I think I'm going to try your mac & cheese next. Seems simple & yummy.
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