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I actually really liked Picassa.
Quote: Originally Posted by otto PS now that she's yours it's going to be agony for you to know she is in a home that you know is not ideal, until you take her home. I've been in that situation, with Queen Eva. Hang in there. You got it. On the nose.
I took the plunge!!!!! and told my friend I wanted to take Angel. Called my apartment complex and set up to pay the pet deposit. I pushed up the boys' neuter surgery to next weekend so they'll have time to heal and readjust. I should, , be able to get her the next Friday or Saturday night! Woo-hooooooo!!!! I'm going to visit her on Sunday and plan to take lots of pictures so you'll get to see her!!! Quote: Originally Posted by Rosiemac It's...
Hee hee hee... .............................. Da Bird!!!!!!! (click the name for link!) It's a big hit already! They chased & jumped for nearly 30 minutes straight. Lots of growling and hissing when they'd catch it and try to stalk off with the prey Now to get some more fun attachments! The version I bought (in the link above) came with only one.
Thanks y'all!!!! Found out some more info about Joni/Angel. My gf says she's 8 weeks which I'm not sure I believe. I'm going to visit her this weekend so I'll try to estimate her age. The pic I posted is about 3 weeks ago and those don't look like blue eyes to me. Still, if she is that young, do you think that will change how the boys react to her? edit: she's had the kitten for almost 4 weeks, since June 13, and posted that pic June 15. That means the kitten would have...
Her mom says she bites and claws while playing, keeps them up at night, and doesn't get along with their elderly dog. Sounds like a kitten to me. "Aggressive" is indeed the word she's using I don't know the cat's history or how they came to have her or how she grew up - I'm going to find that out at work today. But to me it just sounds like she needs a sibling, someone to teach her what is too rough. Two kids under 10 years old and an elderly Yorkie ain't cutting...
Hahahaha!!! AWESOME water pics!!!!
Thanks everyone. I've actually been doing the "lift & drop" and it works pretty well! Leaves some residue on the bottom but I'm more okay with that than have bits and pieces all mixed in. YUCK!!!
Tears here too. Beautiful tribute, and may Kora rest in peace.
Agghhhh.... the longer the night goes on the more I want her!!! She's so beautiful - she has the sweetest markings on her face. My concerns are: 1 - changed relationship with the boy-o's, the loves of my life 2 - upfront costs high (another pet deposit, get her on a wellness plan, etc.) 3 - some apartments limit to 2 pets and I'll be moving in january I can probably justify #2 to myself... I know I can, in fact. I just don't know if it's objectively wise. ...
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