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He is VERY handsome!!!! Wish I had room for him and for the test results!!!! Hope you find a wonderful, loving forever home, Clancy!
Aoibhe is a fan of the avant garde Great picture!!
I don't know if this counts, but I like to watch Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee clips on YouTube and make fun of them... I would definitely say I am addicted to that.......
I can't believe how many responses this has gotten!! I've been wanting to do some stats on this, wet v dry, grain v no-grain, brands, but it got really difficult and I had to stop. I want to carve out a couple hours and try again! I know it would be REALLY interesting!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ducman69 The Wilderness dry we feed for example uses quality chicken fat. True - but this is Meow Mix we're talking about. According to the Wikipedia article (granting that it is Wikipedia, and also that the claim needs a citation), if the source isn't specified it could indeed contain 4-D animals. I trust a company like Blue Buffalo but Del Monte? ...maybe not so much.
Quote: Originally Posted by LuvMyParker But right now its time to catch last nights new episodes of Hoarders and Intervention. Oh - I forgot. Thanks to the Hoarders thread floating around in the Cat Lounge, I'm now addicted to that, too
Quote: Originally Posted by furryfriends50 If companies didn't coat their dry foods with things like animal digest (or even leftover restaurant grease!) I don't think cats would go near it. But the addition of those ingrediants is repulsive to me, I wouldn't eat it, so why would I feed them to my pets? Totally agreed - I wish I had known she was eating Meow Mix at her old mom's house, I would have brought some food over! Of course she won't...
I don't really follow anything real-time, just wolf it down in large amounts on Netflix and Hulu later. My favorites- Criminal Minds Dexter Dead Like Me (glad to see other fans here!!! ) The Office House Glee Justified Game of Thrones (just getting started) Psych Freaks and Geeks Pushing Daisies My "big ones" - my can't live without them, desert island TV shows - would be Criminal Minds, Dexter, and The Office.
Got a friend to record this on DVR for me!!
Great news to wake up to!! Congratulations Evie on your forever home, and to Heather who will have all the love she could want over the coming years!!
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