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It's a deadline day at work so I don't have much time for the questions today!!! I'll do all of them as soon as I get home. Keep them coming!!!
Hi all. No word from the vet yet. Hoping to hear something soon!
Good morning all... Thanks for all your vibes and hugs! I surely do need them. After some craziness last night I overslept this morning and had to rush to get to the vet's. But in a way that was good since I didn't have time to freak out, lol!!! I'm grabbing some breakfast and on my phone posting this. So far I'm feeling pretty good! They are going to call me after the surgery
It's been one of those days. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night and I've been worried all day about the neuter appointment tomorrow, powered my way through work today on one sugar high after another, and had finally gotten to bed early, to ease my heart & mind with a good night's sleep. I had been asleep about a half an hour when I heard a huge shattering sound. It came through my closed door and my loud, noise-canceling fan from across the other side of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by CoolCat did you made a covered some famous song? I mean with violin or Piano my friend?... I envy your skill.... I can play a few well-known songs here and there. On piano I can play "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton, and on violin I really enjoy playing "Uninvited" by Alanis Morissette.
Just realized I posted one of my rainbow pics twice - this is what it was supposed to be. This is one from outside my work window.
She is definitely getting tested at her vet appointment on Friday at 9am. Her mom is not available to be tested as far as I know. If we get a positive result back, I will contact my friend to try & get in contact with Joni's mom. I'm hoping everything goes smoothly!
Somehow, many of my letters got decapitalized in the process of previewing this post... Sorry about that! Quote: Originally Posted by ldg have you ever been / did you enjoy / if you haven't, would you want to go... Canoeing? yes - and yes! kayaking? no, haven't been. I think i would enjoy it! sailing? i haven't been... I get extremely boatsick/seasick So we'd have to play by ear. water skiing? nope! jet skiing? no ma'am. snow...
Thanks everyone! Garfunkel's pretty pleased with himself right about now. I don't know if it's that Simon is that laidback about making room for his brother or if he just REALLY likes to sleep and doesn't care which way!
Quote: Originally Posted by coolcat 1. What's your favorite hobby?... Hmm, I don't really have any "hobby" hobbies like bird-watching or scrapbooking, lol! Maybe I should take up one... My hobby is seeing movies, I guess. My friends & I love going out to the theatre to see new releases. Quote: Originally Posted by coolcat 2. What's one trait you hate about yourself?.... I wish I were less sensitive. It's...
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