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Both right! Heading to the 'rents house tomorrow to watch the special on their DVR.
Quote: Originally Posted by resqchick Nothing. I don't use clipboard or anything like that on my Mac. You never copy or paste ANYTHING??!??!!
Thanks everyone!!! I got a video of the three of them sitting in a row, grooming themselves simultaneously that I'll have to upload soon! Quote: Originally Posted by stephanietx What a wonderful thing!! They look so cute together! Is she adjusting well and how is her behavior doing? Has your friend asked about her at all? Thank you! She is just one of the gang now! Her behavior is much improved, she has become quite a cuddlebug, even more...
Hahaha!!! That older guy rocks
I moved out into my first apartment in January and bought a slow cooker as a part of my haul. ...It's still in the box! I'm not much of a cook but I'm trying to cut back on my food bill, monstrously inflated by convenience foods. I'm currently in the market for some simple, cheap-y slow cooker recipes. Anyone have any favorites? I don't eat rice so no rice recipes please. I've been looking on several websites and have found some good ones, just wanted to ask...
I am laughing SO HARD at Walter with that steam machine tube!!!!! Great pictures!! How sweet of you to take care of that poor mama - she knew you could help her kittens and brought them back because she trusts you!
We're... almost... there... !!! It started off with a dejected Joni sitting far away from the inseparable boys, who seem to have formed their own He-Man Woman Haters Club in this photo: Within a few days, Joni stopped getting spooked every time Simon or Garfunkel walked by and sniffed her. Longer wrestling sessions with more body contact started. We made some progress, and here are Joni and Garfunkel sleeping comfortably within a few inches of each...
Götterdämmerung From this entry on the site Damn You Autocorrect - one of my favorite websites. I wanted to know what the word it autocorrected to meant in German! (It's the name of an opera.)
I'm a Chrome girl through & through! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Before that I was a Firefox girl and it's still my backup choice.
Sounds awesome!!! You must be very talented and more fit than you think to do that! I'm sure it tones you up like crazy, too. Have you seen this? Pole Dancing for Jesus -
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