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Quote: Originally Posted by Cat Person Maybe if you do the scent mingling more often it might be more benefical . Or it might just make Garfunkel more playful . I wish I could! I'd love to get some more time in with Joni at her current mom's house, but as a single mom with two kids, my friend is too busy to have me over all the time. My friend thought the kitten was wild - after I met her I was kind of rolling my eyes and thinking... "You...
I'm on it, and enjoying it, but have no plans to leave facebook. I will use it sparingly as it seems difficult to prevent unwanted contact with old, old, old, old, old, old, OLD (OLD!) gmail contacts I really didn't want to speak to again.
Da Bird is a big hit. This is how Simon passed out yesterday after playing for about 25 minutes. Stone cold asleep, y'all!
(Another long post... sowwy! ) I'm trying not to get too caught up in Joni plans since it's 10 days until she's home so I'm sort of torturing myself, but I did want to ask your advice since this is brand spankin' new for me! Should I follow the normal, slow introduction process? Keep them apart, transfer scents, meet through a door, supervised intro for a few minutes, and so on over several days? Or, since they're kittens, do you think I can skip ahead a bit and...
my favorite is the butt shot at 0:50!!! Those stumpy little legs and short, flicking tail! So much cuteness!
Thanks everyone!!!!! I'm dying to get my claws into - uh, I mean, my hands on this little cutie!! I like 'em wild Even so, I intend to convert her to a cuddlebug as soon as possible! Quote: Originally Posted by BellaCora Why do you have to wait to bring her home? I want her on a Friday night/Saturday morning so I'll have the weekend to spend helping them get acquainted without having to go to work and leave her locked in the bedroom right away....
Quote: Originally Posted by aprilyim It's like they are having a conference. Yes!! Plotting something... just you wait, Erica!!
Those are UH-MAZING photos. My jaw dropped - those eyes! He is amazing. Garfunkel has green-ish eyes but they're sort of hazel/green/gold, so I'm a leetle jealous
Quote: Originally Posted by Draco I called 2 other vets to see what they say, and they all said the same thing about the Metacam. I am still concerned and debating on not giving it to her at all. ... Keep us posted on what you decide to do!!!!!! I'm glad the vet was able to figure out what the issue was, and here's hoping Cassie will be feeling much better soon!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-1F-CokXNU GREAT quality video, and so cute!
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