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Both wrong! lol!
Just to clarify, the "nice" and "mean" was meant to be sort of sarcastic, like from the kitty's perspective.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kailie I told my brother that he better have my next one ready for my for my birthday next month. He said he has a design of a cat looking out from behind a rock in a garden but I haven't seen the design yet. Tats are soooo addictive, and having a brother for a tattoo artist makes it that much worse! I can't even imagine. I wouldn't have any plain skin left! Be sure to show us your new tat once you get it!!
Awwwwww... that sucks, especially about Kurt. I think I could buy that Kurt was a freshman when the show started. But what about Puck? He was a junior when the show started - is Mark Salling going to go after this season? I'm not sure the show can survive constantly rotating its cast... hmm. On the other hand, I'm glad Lea Michele will get a break for her voice. There were some points in the second season where I was really worried for her.
Sounds good! Will do!
Quote: Originally Posted by stephanietx We can't have the mouse or the rabbit foot looking attachment because Tumbles won't give them up when he "catches" them. He growls and hisses at us when we try to get them away so we can continue playing. We can have the sparkly thing and the regular bird feathers, but that's it. Awww... yeah, I'm a little nervous about that, too. Garfunkel in particular was hissing and swatting once he caught the...
Thanks, y'all! Quote: Originally Posted by stephanietx Da Bird is a big hit here, too, with all the kitties! Even Hannah will get excited about "capturing" it! You might want to get the 12-pack of bird refills. I actually just ordered this instead - the 12-pack was tempting (especially since it was the same price for more toys), but I really wanted to try the kitten poof and mouse attachments. I've got Prime shipping so it should get...
Are you a nice mom/dad and let your cats sample from what you're eating? Or are you a mean mom/dad like me and refuse to let them have even a bite, even one time? Maybe it's just because these are my first kittens and I'll lighten up later on, but they do not get to share in what I eat. Frankly, a lot of the stuff I'm eating I'm not even sure is good for ME much less for the babies. Do you agree? How do you feel about feeding pets from the table?
Quote: Originally Posted by Grogs LOL! That is classic kitten right there. They are so, so, SO cute! I keep checking this forum to see if you've posted more. I've enjoyed watching them grow up - I'll be so sad if they get adopted out and we can't have anymore pictures! I'm starting a petition for you to sign the new owners up on TCS!!
How's Geo doing?
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