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I was all ready to chime in until you said it wouldn't be sweet tea. Honey, I'm from Virginia and you just can't make tea sweet enough! Teasing aside, I do like Lipton unsweetened as long as you don't brew it too long. Consider getting a lightly flavored tea, as well, like peach or raspberry. It doesn't require sweetening but is still more refreshing than plain tea. I love this peach tea from Lipton.
I ventured out about 10:30 to avoid traffic & crowds and had a very quick trip! The Humane Society was at the Petsmart with the most amazing kitties Bringing one home wouldn't be fair to my boys, but oh man did I want to!! Nothing I wanted was half off but I still thought it was pretty good! After getting recommendations from y'all in this thread, I've temporarily switched to Sophistacat instead of Blue Wilderness. I got a month's supply of the Sophistacat, a...
Both right.
Laurie, what do you feed?
Both right! I think they saved the easy ones for Friday
50% off at Petsmart this weekend! July 1-4. Click here for your local circular. I'm glad I've waited a bit to go shopping. I have canned food, Dr. Elsey's, a new litter scoop, and toys on my list. I'm hoping they'll be included in the sale! They should have a lot more on sale than what's in the circular. Are you planning to buy anything this weekend?
I always sound like a commercial for Woodchuck Hard Cider, Netflix, and Slacker radio. When you love a product, you let people know!! KittyMom, I actually saw that carrier in the vet's office a few weeks ago. I liked it! Right now both my kittens still fit in the Walmart x-small carrier with room to spare, so I don't plan on getting one soon, but over the next few months I'll need to start shopping and will definitely consider that one.
Both wrong. I knew about Usain Bolt (thanks to this article from The Oatmeal - "17 things worth knowing about your cat" ) and figured I'd throw Lance in there with him.
Quote: Originally Posted by KittyMom4 B.F.F is the Weruva "b" line and it's good too. Gotta love Amazon Prime!! KittyMom, the only thing I noticed when I looked up B.F.F. after you recommended it is that all of them are "Tuna & [X]" so it won't work for those hoping to avoid feeding fish. I did like the food as a whole, so I'd still recommend it for those for whom fish is not a concern.
Such beautiful cats!! Also, that is a gorgeous comforter/set of sheets! Green is my favorite color. Where'd you get it/them?
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