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Bogey was blessed to have you taking care of him and loving him to the end of his life here. His spirit will always be with you and he will always be grateful that he found wonderful you. Thanks for all you did for him. I'm sorry you have to go through this pain of his loss. It is the price for loving them. It is difficult. But you did all you could to help him and make him comfortable. RIP well loved kitty. Robin
As far as other quality dry foods, just follow the links on the site of the review linked above. Of course that site may be all wet. You have to decide who to trust, and that is not easy. I'm not saying this is a not a good kibble. But I have problems with the company for a number of reasons. I would rather trust my cats' safety to another brand. Everyone has to make their own judgments regarding these things. I just felt I had to point out that the review referenced...
The food may very well be no starch. But that hardly matters because the food still has digestible carbs that are just as bad as starch. It's like human food labels that says that a product is "cholesterol free" when it is something made entirely of plant products, which never have cholesterol anyway. It's deliberately deceiving, and banking on the general public's lack of nutrition knowledge. Even though 10% bad carbs is low, the way they are manipulating the facts is...
I just read the review again and that is what it says, 10% refined sugars. This is no better than starch. Digestible carbohydrates is the issue, and they are playing games with the words. And the "mistruth" about the percentage was said, by the company's representative, to two people who asked, according to this review. Robin
As a vegetarian, I cook beans often. I do soak them overnight, but cooking them does not take hours, and they don't turn to mush. Maybe adding salt too soon was the problem. You can't add salt until the beans are cooked soft. The salt prevents them from softening. Robin
If you read that review linked, it says that this food, which has been out for some time, is actually 14% carbs, and 10% of that is refined carbs - not the undigestible plant fiber that is of no concern. According to this source, the manufacturer, Wysong, is misleading the public regarding the amount of carbs. Robin
Never took it for a sore throat. Took it specifically after a bout of nausea and vomiting. It was the first thing my mother would let me try to consume after the vomiting seemed to be over. If I could keep a little 7-UPdown, then I could have some other thing, like dry toast, in a little while. I remember it well. Most drinks with sugar, like 7-UP and Coke, are too sweet for me, as an adult. And then 7-UP has those bad connotations, so I never liked it. Robin
When I was a child and sick with an upset stomach, my mother, a RN, gave me 7-UP for a cure. It settled the stomach, but I hate the stuff ever after because of associating it with nausea. I always thought it was the carbonation that helped. When my mother was a child, her mother gave her ginger ale for the same reason. So ever after she has hated that stuff. Robin
Don't know where you live, but where I am it is spring, and unusually warm, so cats are shedding more than usual. If you live in the U.S., I recommend two products to control shedding, both available at Petsmart. One is a little, kitten sized, slicker brush that is a Petsmart house brand. These have softer wires than most slicker brushes. My seven cats, as well as many that I brush with this at the shelter where I am a volunteer, all enjoy this tool. And it takes off a...
Such a sweet, lovely face your cat has. So glad he is all better now. Robin
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